How collect people's emails on a website

  jz 22:34 13 Apr 2005

I want to have a page on a website where people can 'sign up' to receive emails from me by entering their email. How do I do this? How does the person's email get transferred from the website to me? Is there a way to make it generate a list of people's emails, so that I don't have to manually paste each one into a list in Outlook Express or whatever?

  Michendi 09:38 15 Apr 2005

Why make it so complicated?

There is no need to have people send you their email address. All you need is a button on your website, which when clicked sends you an email from the email address that clicked the button.

When you receive this email you just add the address to your address book. All local mail clients (even most Webmail clients) have the option to do this either manually or automatically.

If all these people are going to be receiving the same email from you then you get your email client to add these addresses to a Group Account. That way you only mail the "Group".

CAUTION: Make sure that you set up your group mailing so that the reciepients cannot see the other reciepients email addresses. You will have a lot of unhappy people - and probably a lawsuit - to deal with.

  Mr A! 12:01 15 Apr 2005

to put a mailto link on the webpage. For example mailto:[email protected]?subject=Signup To Newsletter.

When the user clicks the link all they have to do is click send and you receive the email with their email address in the from field. Simply replace [email protected] with your email address.

  Talented Monkey 15:25 15 Apr 2005

If you are planning on having only a handful of people to mail, like 10, then the suggested methods would be find. However there is still an element of manual administration required. However Just imagine receiving 1000 emails a day in your inbox all requesting to be placed on the mailing list. YUK, as that’s what the suggested examples above will do.

Best way to gather emails is by making use of PHP and MySql database or similar. You can quite happily have hundreds of people a day subscribing and you don’t have to do a thing. Once a week or month when your newsletter is ready you can instantly mail everyone on the database via your own admin web page. No outlook express or anything needed, and no problem of group sending where everyone can get each others email address.

There are quite a few php mailing lists, some you have to pay others are free. Some do a lot of things differently to others, its matter of sorting out what you want from the code.
A script library site like hotscripts has quite a few mailing list managers click here

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