how to clone hdd drive

  freefx 00:33 08 May 2005

How do I clone my 80GB HDD to a 120GB? ie taking an image of my 80GB Are there any special software to do that?

o/s win xp pro

  Pooke100 00:36 08 May 2005

Acronis true image. I used the 30 day trial version to clone a 6 gig over to a 80gig drive for a friend.

click here

  freefx 00:42 08 May 2005

Had a look at the website. It says the trial version is a limited functionality demo?

  Pooke100 00:48 08 May 2005

I managed it with the trial. Honestly.

  freefx 00:50 08 May 2005

ok i will have a go.


  Chegs ® 01:28 08 May 2005

Look down this page for "Hard Disk Cloning"

click here


click here

click here

click here

click here

I have the Ultimate Boot CD that carries all the above software + loads more apps(d/l from the 1st link and burn to CD)

  Chegs ® 10:34 08 May 2005

click here

Here is another freeware DriveImagerXPwpe.I zipped it and uploaded it onto my site.I aquired this ages ago,and had completely forgotten about it,until you asked for imaging apps.Its very basic,doesn't install,you just unzip and execute.I created an image of my C:\ partition onto another partition.It creates the image,then compresses the image(although I have only got 3Gb's of files on C:\ the zipped image was 3.5Gb.I dont know where the extra data has come from)

  SEASHANTY 10:48 08 May 2005

If the new 120GB hard drive is a maxtor then you can do this quite easily by using the "Maxblast 4 For Windows" utility. This will allow you to clone over the entire drive from the 80GB drive to the new 120GB drive from within Windows XP. You do not even have to shut down Windows whilst doing the cloning. Just done this in two PC's with Seagate 80GB to Maxtor 120GB. Original drive was partitioned into three and Maxblast has kept the three partitions in proportion making them larger of course. Download the 3.5MB utility from here
click here and install on Desktop. Double click the icon afterwards and it will install the utility in Program Files. Fit the new drive in position as "slave" which is "no jumper" and just click the desktop icon when ready to clone and follow the instructions. Its clear instructions are easy to follow after it detects the new drive. It will only work on Maxtor drives though.

  Demora 11:39 08 May 2005

Personal Computer shopper has AScronis on the disk I think its an 'LE' but should do it.


  VideoSentry 12:20 08 May 2005

One for Me ( new pewter on 3 days )

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