how to clear internet memory?

  The GnoMe 09:57 04 Oct 2003

Sorry about the vague title but i cant explain it any other way,

i dont use Internet Explorer and havnet for some time, i do however use opera and from time to time mozilla,

my question is each time i uninstall one ,say opera, and if i come to resinstall it it remembers ALL MY SETTINGS even down to my theme and bookmarks

i would like a fresh start when i reinstall it how can i do this, i have ran reg cleaner and diskclean up and deleted the old program files folder, but it still remembers, how can i start afresh


  boysie 11:09 04 Oct 2003

How are you with editing the registry!

The best way to make sure you've cleared everything pertaining to a program, is to go into the registry type the name of that particular program in the find box..In your case it would be Opera! Then when the find comes across this word Opera just delete it! then press F3, and do the same again until its completed the search through the whole registry. It doesn't take long!

Please backup your registry first though as a
precaution.. Use the export tool in registry to do it..

Using the add & remove in control panel unfortunatly doesn't take everything!

Good Luck...

  Mad Boy 11:37 04 Oct 2003

Yeah, be careful when dealing with the registry, the last thing you want is to corrupt. As boysie said make sure you back it up, but more importantly know how to restore it

  SEASHANTY 15:15 04 Oct 2003

How to Backup & restor click here;en-us;q322756#2

  SEASHANTY 15:20 04 Oct 2003

Direct Link does not work - use the click here then type in Q322756 in the search line and the link for Backup and restore is then available.

  The GnoMe 17:21 04 Oct 2003

thanks all, but it seems to be taking me forever to remove all the refs to opera in the registry, i have been doing it for an hour and it still shows more when i press f3. any ideas?

  VoG II 17:23 04 Oct 2003
  The GnoMe 17:48 04 Oct 2003

cheers vog that seems to have done it!!!!

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