How to clear adaware?

  Boy Zone 11:27 12 Nov 2005

Hi to you all,

A friend of mine who uses win98; with AGP antivirus, Adaware, spybot,zoneAlarm and yet he has aquired an adaware that he can't clear, even though Adaware sees them.
The files in question are:-
He can't get on the web to help find a solution, as his browser comes up with "about blank", and I'm is last hope.
Can you please help

  VoG II 11:45 12 Nov 2005

I suggest that you post a HJT log click here on this specialised forum click here

  jakimo 16:35 12 Nov 2005

winstall.exe is a worm,follow the link to remove

click here

  Nellie2 18:04 12 Nov 2005

I suggest you get help from the forum VoG has linked to, that particular worm is a backdoor trojan with serious security implications. If you do your banking on line or anything else that requires passwords and user account information then I suggest you change those passwords as soon as possible (using an uncompromised machine and check your bank accounts.

  Boy Zone 18:07 12 Nov 2005

Thanks for the info that you gave me. Fron the link, it seems that one has to purchase the software to remove the worm. Is there a way of removing this without the need to have additional s/w?

  keewaa 18:10 12 Nov 2005

Surely once the machine is infected and compromised the only way to be sure it's clean is to reformat and reinstall everything .... is this not usually the case or have I been told some codswallop?

  VoG II 18:14 12 Nov 2005

The Malware Removal forum click here will get it clean without reformatting.

  Boy Zone 11:25 13 Nov 2005

Sorry to push this one again, but having seen other furums I'm still not the wiser.
How do I get rid of WINSTALL.exe without having to purchase software.
I'm trying to help a friend out.

  VoG II 11:30 13 Nov 2005

Please see my post Sat, 12/11/[email protected]:45

  Boy Zone 13:05 13 Nov 2005

Thanks VOG,

I did read this link, and I was hoping for a quick and easy fix, but it seems not the case. There is software out there which will "apparently" clear this worm, but not free.


  jbp1982 13:44 13 Nov 2005

If you follow vog's advice it won't cost you a penny and will not take a great deal of time or effort. Run hijackthis, post it to the forum he has provided a link to and the experts there will tell you exactly what to do.

All free of charge.

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