how to clean a TFT monitor screen

  thospot 12:15 21 Aug 2005

Could someone please tell me what I have to do to read the 'Search results' from the archives. I was wanting to know what is the best way to clean the finger marks etc. from my TFT monitor screen. I found two answers but no text to them..

  Pooke 12:21 21 Aug 2005

Storex cleaning tissues from the likes of PCW. It says PDA-TFT-LAPTOP accross the top of the packaging.

Other than that a slightly dampened cloth.



  thospot 12:31 21 Aug 2005

Thanks for that reply Pooke. I will certainly give it a try. What about the achive question?, any thoughts on that?.

  Technotiger 12:38 21 Aug 2005

Hi, 'the archive question' - to the left of this page you will see a Search panel, just type in one or two words and click on Go..... that will take you to the Archives.


  Technotiger 12:41 21 Aug 2005

ps - just try typing in:- tft monitors...
then click on green arrow.

  Pooke 12:43 21 Aug 2005

Older threads in the archive have been deleted, even though you can still see the titles when you search. Apart from that just click the title of the thread you wish to read.

Something else to note is that the site has been running slowly with a few hiccups and glitches lately, so that might be the reason too that you can't read or even get into them them.



  Technotiger 12:43 21 Aug 2005

ps - for example, just type in:- tft monitors,
then click on green arrow.

  thospot 12:43 21 Aug 2005

Slightly on the wrong tac there Technotiger. I have already put my question to the 'search the archives' and found two replies there but when I clicked on the two replies I got nothing. Why?

  Technotiger 12:44 21 Aug 2005

Sorry about double post - as Pooke says, site has been playing up lately......


  Technotiger 12:46 21 Aug 2005

OK - sorry about that. I see Pooke has already given you the answer.


  thospot 12:46 21 Aug 2005

OK, Technotiger. Thanks for the replies. You have answered my question with the fact that the answers I got could probably have been deleted by now. Thanks again.

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