how to clean dusty motherboard :)

  theDarkness 02:00 17 Sep 2005

Whats the best way to get rid of dust that builds up on a motherboard? its the dotted specks that build up around the corners of the board, and usually around the edges of any large parts. There seems to be alot of debate on what the best tools is- some sort of vauum cleaner that blows out gently would surely be a good idea? I heard someone mention an antistatic cloth, but I didnt think any cloth would be a good idea to come into contact with any motherboard?

cheers for info :)

  ashdav 02:06 17 Sep 2005

2" paintbrush and a Dustbuster with an extension nozzle works fine.

  Skills 02:23 17 Sep 2005

Is there not risk of building up static if you use a paint brush, or would it have to be one made with natural fibres?

For me a can of compressed air to blow out the stuck dust and then a vacum cleaner to suck it up.

  ahales42 02:48 17 Sep 2005

it`s wierd. i have the side of my case removed, and there is a large spider set up home in the bottom of the`s been there for months.maybe motherboards are more robust than we are told.

  theDarkness 03:49 17 Sep 2005

wow. well, I hope your spider has either a 2" paintbrush or a Dustbuster! lol I think you may be right, circuit boards probably do last alot longer than we think.

Ive already tried cans of compressed air, and while they do work ok for the most part, they have trouble in getting rid of the visible yet very thin layers of dust that build up, something only a cloth (or brush) could get rid of.

Im just not sure which to use, or whats best that wouldnt damage anything or build up static.
cheers for replies :)

  €dstowe 06:41 17 Sep 2005

Be careful using a paintbrush. Often these have metal bands holding the bristles to the handle so, if you were very unlucky, you could cause a short circuit during you spring cleaning. Even if the power is off, there may be sufficient residual charge in a capacitor to cause damage.

What I suggest is a natural bristle "pastry brush" with the bristles mounted (glued) in a wooden handle. These things are obtainable from the kitchen shops that have sprung up all over the place and I've seen then on the small hanger displays in supermarkets.

  jack 09:20 17 Sep 2005

I have seen in '99p Shop' a kit of small brushes and adaptors and a length of tube - the adaptors are universal to fit the main suction tube of a typical cylinder type vacuum cleaner. all for - yup -99p cant be bad.

  ACOLYTE 09:53 17 Sep 2005

I use one of my wife's old makeup brushes it works quite well with a mini vacuum,i am not to keen on compressed air as it doesn't really clean more than it does blow the dust about and it ends up somewhere else.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:00 17 Sep 2005

Just done an old PC with 5 yrs of accumulated debris.

Use a hairdryer set on cold, low blow and held a reasonable distance away from the board plus a little wooden stick from daughters make up kit (god knows what she uses it for) to scrape the fan blades.

Whole job came out like new.

  bremner 10:04 17 Sep 2005

This reminds me of the first computer bug, click here

  sunny staines 11:32 17 Sep 2005

I always find a spider in my case each time I open it, aways remove it. Ithink they feed on dust mites and in turn feed on the dust that gets sucked in. thinking about putting net curtain over the inside of the vents to trap the dust.

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