How to choose the right HD

  sitroenn 10:33 02 Oct 2004

The Hard Drive on our old computer 'died' and we bought a new machine since it was about time anyway.
However, I have kept the old one and would really like to repair/upgrade it.

The old computer is P3 450 Intel 440BX with 64 RAM, 8.4Gb HD and 8Mb ATI AGP graphics card

I've looked in books and on the web to try and discover how to choose the right HD but cannot figure it out. I was thinking of increasing to 20 or 40Gb and insatlling more memory (to, say, 256)

How do I know which is the right sort of HD

The mother board is a Gigabyte GA-6BXE >> CPU FSB is 66/100mhz

can anyone help me figure this out ??

All advice gratefully received


  Catastrophe 11:09 02 Oct 2004

What O/S?

HDD size depends on what you want to do with it and how long you might keep it.

If you just want a word processor 8.4 GB would probably be fine. If you expect to use it for some time a larger HD would help proof against larger software files. If you want computer video, then much, much larger.

I am sure someone will say the largest you can afford. Don't forget you can always move the HDD to a newer computer.

Hope this helps.

  spuds 12:03 02 Oct 2004

Looking at the prices of h/d's nowadays, I would suggest that you get the biggest possible that is going to be suitable for your system.More memory will definately help,again this will depend on your motherboard capacity.

I have upgraded three times, and in the end I have wondered if it was a money saving exercise. Keep things simple and you should be okay. Putting newer components with older components doesn't always give a satisfactory answer.

  sitroenn 12:45 02 Oct 2004

Thanks for this advice so far.

I was running Win98Se on this machine and will probably continue to do so since we have XP on the new one.

I dont want to spend too much so wont prob go larger than 40Gb.As far as I can see from the Gigabyte website the MO wont cope with anything larger than 75 Gb anyway

What I dont understand is how do I determine what type of HD should I be looking for. Will any HD do --should it be IDE ? >> the old Hd was a Quantun Fireball QR8.4

I'm afraid of wasting money on the wrong thing.

Anymore advice ?

  OwenLotts 12:58 02 Oct 2004

Buy an IDE 3.5 inch drive. Make sure it is an ATA (or UDMA) drive (usually called ATA-66, ATA-100 or ATA-133) and NOT S-ATA (or Serial ATA).

Seagates are really good.

Use their site to decide on the drive model you want then shop arouind.

click here

Models ST340014A and ST340015A are both 40Gb. The 14A model has a higher spin speed than the 15A.

ST340014A is £35 in click here

ST340015A is £33 in click here

I would pay the extra £2 for the fast model (ST340014A)

This will be fine for what you want.

  sitroenn 13:08 02 Oct 2004

Thanks for all this help --- thats exactly what I wanted to know: plain & simple. Now all I have to do is buy the HD and try and install it. I'll keep you posted................

Cheers !

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