How to choose best laptop for your purposes

  manrow 21:22 02 Aug 2017

Last time I looked around the only remaining nationwide computer store for a new laptop, they all offered different processors. So my question is how do I evaluate the best machine for me, bearing in mind I have no idea whether an i3 or i5 or i7 is best for me? Is there a website which indicates how quickly laptops will perform the very basic tasks that I normally use?

  wee eddie 21:36 02 Aug 2017

You start by looking at the Software that you are planning to use.

The Minimum Requirement of the hungriest is your starting point

  Menzie 23:43 02 Aug 2017

Going by the processor alone isn't the best indicator of all out performance.

An i7 is only good for day to day use if paired with a slow 5400 rpm HDD. An i5 would feel more spritely with an SSD for instance.

When you say "basic needs" what exactly do you mean? For some that bar is at different heights. I remember once selling a customer a computer for basic needs. Turns out his basic need was to run several virtual machines. He ended up returning said machine and giving me an earful.

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