How to check wireless broadband is secure?

  PC_HelpMe 21:17 17 Jan 2010

Howdie folks,

I have a wireless router and its bugging me a bit as to whether anybody in my street will be able to access my system and use my broadband connection. How can I check that my system is secure to only myself in my house and not the neighbours?

  User-1229748 21:15 17 Jan 2010

click on your wifi icon in bottom right of screen and hover your cursor over your network and it should tell you what security the network has

  User-1229748 21:15 17 Jan 2010

how quick was that :o)

  rdave13 21:20 17 Jan 2010

Order of postings up the swanny again but your suggestion doesn't work on Win 7.

  Paperplane 21:24 17 Jan 2010

That only tells you what encryption is set up on the router. Not if anyone else in the street is using it.

  woodchip 21:30 17 Jan 2010

Go to Control Panel\Networking\ show all Connections if other networks are round you, you will have a list but it should say which of these are secure. look for yours to see if its secure

  woodchip 21:34 17 Jan 2010

Double Click your Network Icon in the System Tray near clock this will show all Networks including yours

  rdave13 21:36 17 Jan 2010

Appologies, back on desktop without wlan card... :-(

  peter99co 21:38 17 Jan 2010

Check if it possible to set your router to hide ssid. This makes it invisible to anyone outside.

You may need an ethernet connection to set it but devices previously connected should still "see" the ssid

  woodchip 21:40 17 Jan 2010

Only way to make it secure is to use Good Encryption not WEP should be i think its PSK

  MAJ 21:43 17 Jan 2010

"How can I check that my system is secure to only myself in my house and not the neighbours?"

Test it out using a mate's laptop, get him/her to try to connect to your network, if he/she is asked for your network key before being able to connect, then it's secure........... so long as no one knows your key.
Another way to add extra security is to go into your router's settings and allow only your own MAC code. You could also disable SSID broadcasting, that way they wont even see you network.

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