How to check router will work on second pc

  susiep 14:36 05 Mar 2010

I want to buy a pc or mac and use an existing router connected to desktop to provide internet connection. How can i check it will get a signal through all the walls before buying anything? Router concerned is from netgear ADSL2 with a bt/ yahoo network. A friend got a connection outside in the road when the modem was on but not when switched off. I dont think they were picking up a mobile signal and not sure if what they had was a phone or small palm top. I have had a look at what the mobile connection is in my area and its on the edge for all providers in terms of speed I think.But then I have to pay for that when I may not need to. Any advice gratefully received

  onthelimit 17:17 05 Mar 2010

Why not get the friend who got a signal in the road to check in your house?!

  susiep 19:24 05 Mar 2010

Hes gone back to OZ and i wasnt here to quiz him on the connection questions!!! I suppose I need to borrow someone with a laptop but no wireless connectivity is that right?

  onthelimit 21:19 05 Mar 2010

Just get someone with a laptop to connect to your wireless network. Move around the house, once connected, to check strength. If there are weak spots it's not the end of the world as Homeplugs can extend the range. For some ebay examples, click here

  susiep 11:19 06 Mar 2010

Thanks for your help I think all my questions have been answered!

  peter99co 14:56 08 Mar 2010

Their computer will remember your SSID password so you should change it after the test!

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