How to check monthly download size?

  smick 09:21 15 Aug 2004

I am looking to move to broadband & have been looking at various ISP's. Certain ISP's have monthly limits but how do I know what my current download sizes are. Is there a way for me to check how much I am downloading so I can buy a package to suit?

  pc moron 09:59 15 Aug 2004

30-day evaluation copy of DU Meter available at
click here

  absent 11:23 15 Aug 2004

Your current isp may have a check your usage facilty. Also you will most likely find that your usage will increase considerably on broadband.

  pj123 12:11 15 Aug 2004

This will give you some idea click here

Click on the link "what does this mean"

  CurlyWhirly 15:49 15 Aug 2004

Don't even think about upgrading to Broadband as soon as your exchange becomes enabled - upgrade!
It is right what Absent said that when on broadband your usage will increase as when I was on dial-up I was only a 'light user' but now I am a 'heavy' user with on average 3-4 hours a day through the week (while in work) and even more at the weekends (when free)!

There are some ISP's still offering unlimited access for a few extra £ a month like AOL who I am with.
Though I know that some people don't like AOL so it is up to the individual.

  GaT7 15:58 15 Aug 2004

I use the free RAS Graph & Stats click here, which is quite accurate (compared to some other free ones I've tried). It gives you a breakdown of day/week/month/year stats of download/upload/time spent online/per ISP/etc. Can be used on dialup & b'band. HTH, G

  pj123 16:04 15 Aug 2004

Yes, I agree. Once you are on any sort of pay monthly instead of PAYG your internet activities will increase. I am on NTL Broadband at £25 per month unlimited, but I have another PC which is on AOL Dialup at £12 per month unlimited, (special offer for 12 months) after which it reverts back to £15.99 per month. AOL keep trying to get me to upgrade to Broadband Silver (256) at £19.99 per month but that is quite lot extra from £12. I don't use my AOL connection very much but my NTL connection is on all day every day. It's just nice to know that you can sit on the internet all day, every day without getting an horrific phone bill at the end of the month. I think I would go for an unlimited broadband connection rather than a limited one, even if it costs a few pounds more.

  CurlyWhirly 18:28 15 Aug 2004

Yes I agree with you as well when you say that you would rather pay a few £ more and have an unlimited broadband connection otherwise while on the web all you are doing is checking the clock to see how long you have been online for fear of having a huge telephone bill at the end of the month!

By the way may I ask why you have a broadband connection as well as a dial-up connection (with AOL) as surely you can't be happy going back to dial-up after having experienced broadband?

  CurlyWhirly 18:32 15 Aug 2004

Please ignore my last post after having read your original post for the second time I realise that you have 2 PC's!
I still maintain though that you must find it painfully slow going on to the PC with a dial-up connection!

  pj123 10:40 16 Aug 2004

CurlyWhirly, yes it is painfully slow, but it is a necessary evil as NTL wasn't very stable in my area and kept going down. So I just kept the dial up on as a standby. NTL also seem to he having lots of problems with their email servers so I have my emails diverted to my AOL inbox. If I don't get them via NTL I can still get them via AOL. Having said that, once this current 12 month contract with AOL is up I am thinking of cancelling the account, as recently NTL seem to have got themselves sorted out.

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