How to check a firewire port

  brindly 11:58 10 Jul 2011

I use a sony handycam with Pinnacle and the dedicated connection is iLink (firewire) cable 4 pin and port. Pinnacle doesn't seem to recognise my camera, is there any way i can check if its the camera or the computer. If its the camera i can buy a new and later video camera. I know they are more advanced than my handicam so which would be the best mid price one to use with Pinnacle with ease of transfer.

  Crosstrainer2 12:10 10 Jul 2011

What is the make and model of your PC?

Often, the firewire connection is present on the case, but the cables have either not been connected, or the Motherboard doesn't support firewire.

  Crosstrainer2 12:11 10 Jul 2011

Sorry, posted too soon. Open device manager on your computer, and expand the tree of devices.

Look for mention of firewire card / and or firmware support.

  brindly 14:14 10 Jul 2011

My computer is a SONY VAIO VGC-V2S all in one running XP. It worked the last time I used it. Opened Device Manager and expanded the tree of every device all were working properly but I didn't find anything relating to firewire card / and or firmware support. Is there an alternative, the handycam is a SONY DCR-HC18E (quite old now) WITH A USB, A/V OUT, AND (DV OUT 4 Pin iLink)

  Crosstrainer2 14:16 10 Jul 2011

Can you set Pinnacle to accept a USB connection? been years since I used it, but I think it's possible.

I will have a look around.

  brindly 14:57 10 Jul 2011

I will have a look, not sure. I can use the AV out and connect that to my scart/composite connection for my TV/VCR/DVD player, this plays it as a video and I can record it on to my hard drive then transfer to Pinnacle, a bit long winded thats all.

  Woolwell 15:16 10 Jul 2011

Firewire will be called IEEE1394 in device manager. You should get a connect sound when the camcorder is connected and switched to play. If the camcorder has firewire I doubt if it also has USB.

  brindly 15:42 10 Jul 2011

Yes it does have a USB port. Unfortunately I have tried the ilink and USB with Pinnacle and Click to DVD and with Sonic Gate and none recognise the camera. There has to be a reason why it worked before but doesn't now. Perhaps I should look for a new camera, my computer has a Memory stick duo slot and a PC Card slot, any suggetsions.

  Woolwell 16:42 10 Jul 2011

Does the computer recognise the camera? It should show up when connected (it is on and set to play).

  brindly 18:06 10 Jul 2011

no but it does play when through the scart/comp connection. I have checked IEEE1394 and it says it is working properly, i even tried the troubleshoot and looked for a new driver, i have the latest. I have read somewhere that the port can blow on the camera and it costs more to repair than some cameras are worth. Could i use a camcorder with memory card to transfer video, i could buy the software as well instaed of Pinnacle.

  Woolwell 18:10 10 Jul 2011

I use a camcorder with memory card and put the memory card in my reader for transfer. Beware that you need a large size memory card especially for HD. Check that your reader can cope with the size and type of card.

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