how to check CPU temprature

  eg4am1 11:36 04 Apr 2006

is there any software i can download to keep an eye on the temp of my processor !! also what should the temprature of CPU be !!

  VoG II 11:40 04 Apr 2006
  961 12:14 04 Apr 2006

Temperatures vary

Please state make and model of cpu

  eg4am1 12:17 04 Apr 2006

its an AMD Athlon 64 3500+ ! :)

  bjh 12:29 04 Apr 2006

Another good option is Speedfan

click here

This is still being developed to support the latest motherboards, chipsets and hard drives. Motherboard monitor, although good, is no longer being developed.

As to temperature of CPU, depends on the type, amongst other things.

  ed-0 12:38 04 Apr 2006

Some motherboards come with their own monitoring software. Have you checked yours?

If you don't know which motherboard you have, download cpu-z. click here

This will tel you your motherboard and also confirm your socket size.;-)

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