How to change Programs display?

  [email protected] 20:16 08 Jan 2006

WinXP. When I click Start>Programs, all my programs are displayed in a vertical stack with a little down arrow at the bottom to scroll on down. Where is the setting to change the display so all the programs are in columns left to right? Thanks.

  bremner 20:19 08 Jan 2006

Right click the start button and choose properties. Then click Classic Start Menu.

  bremner 20:20 08 Jan 2006

Sorry - reread your query and this is not the solution to what you have asked.

  [email protected] 20:20 08 Jan 2006

I am already using Classic Start Menu and Files!

  [email protected] 20:21 08 Jan 2006

ahh - ok ;-)

  [email protected] 20:44 08 Jan 2006

Hi VoG™. It's not the Start Menu I want to change and I imagine the same alteration setting will be the same for Classic and XP. If I click Start then either Show all programs [XP] or just Programs [Classic], the programs are not shown in columns as I have seen on other PC's but in one vertical column. There must be a setting somewhere to change this IE: Instead of "Show in one column" to "Display in full screen" or something like.

  [email protected] 20:49 08 Jan 2006

Ah ha, so that's it. Thanks Thalmus ;-)

  [email protected] 21:00 08 Jan 2006

One last hypothetical question: If there are more programs on the list than will fit on the screen does a "scroll bar" {not sure if that's the right name for the elongated button on the far right of the screen which moves the screen display up/down} appear on the bottom so you can move the display left/right?

  [email protected] 21:15 08 Jan 2006

OK Thalmus thanks. I suppose the last column would have the down arrow at the bottom and that's where you would go. Thanks for your advice.

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