How to change owner name in XP?

  djtom12 22:45 15 Feb 2006

I recently did a fresh install of XP Home on a newly built system. Got to the first boot where Windows asks for your details etc and I had a power failure. When I went to reboot the PC, setup had completed successfully, however the username was 'Owner' (due to not specifying a different one on the initial setup screen). I changed this under user accounts to my name (Tom), although the default folder location (C:\Documents and Settings\YourName) still showed the name as 'Owner'. This is also the case in command prompt, yet the start menu shows 'Tom' as the name.

If I create a new user account, the problem goes, although my settings and some programs are not functional on the new user account. Is there a registry entry or something similar that will change the registered user name from the default?

Many thanks.

  gudgulf 22:50 15 Feb 2006

This might help click here

  djtom12 22:57 15 Feb 2006

Looked under there, afraid the value for the RegisteredOwner field is 'Tom'.

  beeuuem 23:40 15 Feb 2006

Not that I know it will do any better but you could try click here

  beynac 09:33 16 Feb 2006

I think that the only way to get the name consistently throughout is to set up a new account and delete the old. Change the name of the old one first so that you will be able to call the new one 'Tom'. The downside is that you will have to set up everything afresh on the new account. You shouldn't have to re-install the programs, just create new shortcuts for the start/program menu and the desktop.

It really depends upon whether you think it's worth the bother.

  wjrt 11:05 16 Feb 2006

click here

from dougknox also

  beynac 11:44 16 Feb 2006

Changing the name of the 'Registered Owner' in the registry will not change the name of the User in 'Documents and Settings', which is what I think 'djtom12' is trying to do. 'djtom12' - can you confirm please?

  igk 12:22 16 Feb 2006


  djtom12 16:26 16 Feb 2006

Beynac - I can confirm that changing registered owner in the registry does not modify the 'Documents and Settings' folder.

Beeuuem and Wjrt - Thanks for the links, unfortunately they didn't solve the issue.

  djtom12 22:56 16 Feb 2006

Well, I resorted to a reinstall of XP. It wasn't really too much of a hassle, as I'd only installed it first on Sunday, having just built my system. I did try creating another user account beforehand, but this didn't work. It still showed 'Owner' as the name under Documents and Settings and in command prompt. I guess that power failure did more damage than I thought, but at least it's all up and fully operational now!

Thanks for all your help folks.

  terryf 02:49 18 Feb 2006

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