How to change Outlook E default attachment folder?

  stugra 15:31 31 May 2004

Please can you tell me how to change the default folder that outlook express places attachments in?

I am WinXP Pro
Outlook express 6
Updates all applied.

Many thanks

  Rayuk 16:29 31 May 2004

If you mean Outlook Express storage folder its
Tools/Options/Maintenance/StoreFolder/Change to your choice.

  stugra 21:14 31 May 2004

Unfortunately not. This is where the computer drops attachments that are sent to you in e-mails. It currently points at my documents but I want it to always put them into a folder on my desktop.

Any further help appreciated.
Thanks anyway

  wildrover 21:35 31 May 2004

It seems to work. its a bit of a workaround and doesn't change the default folder so I'm not sure if this is OK for you.

Anyway, open the email, right click the attachment, save as. You can then navigate to the folder of your choice. It says it is saving as 'attachment' but seems to save with the correct file extension of the original. Have just done it with gif, pdf and jpg files and all worked OK.

  wildrover 22:06 31 May 2004

And of course, I've just remembered; if you have the preview pane showing (which I don't), you can do all that by browsing when you save.

  stugra 22:18 31 May 2004

Thanks, but it is this 'navigating' that I am trying to avoid. I have to navigate away from the 'my documents' folder to the 'desktop folder' that I keep for all my downloads. My PC doesn't remember to go to this desktop folder from one detachment to the next.

Thanks so far.

  Rayuk 08:13 01 Jun 2004

Is it not a bad idea to have folders on your desktop as they have to be loaded each time on startup

  stugra 10:19 01 Jun 2004

Thanks for the comment Rayuk, but can you expand as I can't see how this helps my thread?

  Rayuk 12:50 01 Jun 2004

This was a response to your quote regarding having the folder on your desktop,which to me is part of your thread in which I am just stating that Windows has to load this folder up on startup and depending how much is in it can cause a delay,nothing more.

  stugra 20:13 01 Jun 2004

Sorry Rayuk, I see where your coming from now - that's very interesting - thanks

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