How to Change one Ethernet Port for Another?

  Hulot 10:39 30 Aug 2009

Greetings to all PC Advisor Forum Members

Please excuse the confusing Subject title.

Basically, I am using BT's HomeHub 2 which is connected to the rear ethernet port of my PC.
However, I have been experiencing severe connetion problems where I lose Broadband connection completely, (the Blue connection lights on the router turn Red).

Therefore, having tried everthing else to rectify the problem I wonder if it could be a faulty ethernet port on my PC?
I have another Ethernet Port, but when I plug in the cable to the other port I can not receive Broadband.

Is there a way of activating it, if so how?

Many thanks to you all

Monsieur Hulot

  Technotiger 10:43 30 Aug 2009

Have you tried pressing the reset button on bottom-right side of router?

  Technotiger 10:47 30 Aug 2009

Have you tried a different ethernet Cable?

'tried everything else' is not much help!

  sharpamat 11:18 30 Aug 2009

The cause could be anywhere even outside your control The fact that your getting the blue connection light on the computer terning red
I would Check out the hub before your computer
click here
Try a full reset first then try another outlet on your Hub. Also check your ASDL filters ( must be on all outlets ) and line connections

  Hulot 12:39 30 Aug 2009

Hello to all

Yes, I have pressed the "reset" button have also tried the "Power-cycle" solution, have swapped ethernet cables, also checked phone line for noise.

I have noticed that the ethernet port on the rear of my PC tower has 2 LED's one green and the other yellow.
I have noticed that the yellow LED is not working.
Therefore, I suspect it could be the current etehrnet port I am using which is losing connection.
That is why I want to connect my router to the spare Ethernet Port on the rear of my PC, (as both LED work).

The problem is I cannot figure out how to activate the other port using Windows Network Connections

  Technotiger 14:23 30 Aug 2009

In Device Manager under network adapter, check to see if it says 'disabled in this profile' then select properties and remove the check-mark.
If it has a ! or ? then select it, choose to remove it. Then reboot and the driver should be re-installed.

  woodchip 14:57 30 Aug 2009

If you loose it on the Hub, then its nothing to do with your PC. It a BT fault

  woodchip 14:59 30 Aug 2009

Is it possible to go into the BT Hub Setup page to check or change settings?

  Stuartli 15:02 30 Aug 2009

The one time I had problems with my wired modem router's connection (I lost around 25 per cent of connection speeds) it eventually proved to be a faulty ADSL filter/splitter.

Replacing it immediately restored the status quo.

  Jollyjohn 16:37 30 Aug 2009

Is the ethernet port you want to use built in to the motherboard? If so you may have to enable it in the bios before it will work. Then you may need the drivers for it.
The yellow led show data moving - generally - so if the card is not installed it will not work.

  sharpamat 17:00 30 Aug 2009

If you look at the link I posted it has a graph showing the lights and what they mean. Yours turning red in that Graph shows up as loss of broadband signal.

To do a full reset Push and hold the Wireless Association button (on the back panel) for at least 15 seconds, until all the Hub lights go out - then release the button.
The reset process may then take several minutes.
The Hub is reset and ready for use when the Broadband and Internet lights are steady green.

Yes woodchip you can get into the Hubs Setup page to check and change settings via the Hub Manager.this includes the Hubs Built in Firewall settings

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