How To Change number....?

  bch8132311 16:42 16 Dec 2003

Can anybody help my friend he has NTL and wants to change the old dial number for the new one.............. only had a quick look but couldnt see anything obvious as to where the number is located he has to go round the houses to dial and connect with his 56k modem ....I have BT Broadband not familiar with NTL could you supply astep by step guide or link I can send please....I live West Yorkshire he lives Watford...............Thanks

Kind Regards


  beeuuem 16:50 16 Dec 2003

You don't say which package he is using.

From click here
Connection - dial up networking
ntlworld 1p per minute dial up

For customers dialling in on an ntl line: 0845 455 0520

For customers dialling in on a BT line: 1263 0845 455 0520

ntlworld free internet dial up

For customers dialling in on an ntl line: 0800 519 0100

For customers dialling in on a BT line: 1263 0800 519 0100C

  petersmyth1 16:58 16 Dec 2003

Brian I use Wins 98se and this works for me. Your mate could try it and see. Open My computer>Open Dial Up Networking>right click on the ISP> click properties>General and the number the computer dials to get online is staring you in the face. This can be adjusted/changed........Peter

  bch8132311 17:02 16 Dec 2003

Windows XP .....................1p a minute dial up...Thanks


  bch8132311 11:52 17 Dec 2003

Has XP Home NTL line dials in on a 0800 number not an 0845 wants to change dial number from 0845 to 0800 when he clicks on shortcut old number comes up.... does he need updated software to change.....? or can it be changed manually been into connections but number there is correct 0800.........but when you click on dialer the old number comes....0845 up and starts to dial..but if he clicks on the taskbar dialer it dials the correct number 0800.....?

Kind Regards


  petersmyth1 02:19 18 Dec 2003

To me there is total confusion here. An 0800 number is a freephone number used for monthly anytime paid packages. An 0845 is a local rate charged number. OK 0845 after 18:00 and before 8:00 might be charged 1p per minute but it won't be during the day. I don't use XP and gave the way to permenantly change numbers in 98se so obviously it doesn't work in XP. So I'll retire from this thread non the wiser :-) ........Peter

  [email protected]@m 09:50 18 Dec 2003

He will not connect using an 0800 number unless he's signed up for that package.

When changing a dial-up number on NTL, right click on the blue bar at the top of the NTL box and select 'Unlock'.

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