How to change network location from public to home.

  jules_77 16:14 04 Feb 2012

Hello, I would be grateful for any suggestions .

I have finished a clean install of my mum's dell tower from vista 32 bit to win 7, 64 bit. All hunky dory but I wasn't asked to choose a default profile for network location and it is set as public.

Now we have a network managed by netgear next834B,and I can't connect to it. With all our other devices it has been straightforward. enter ssid and password and job done. I have tried everything including disabling all firewalls, reducing the router security to WEP. Added the mac address of the tower. I have spent hours trawling the web for clues on how to resolve this as the pc having its default profile set to public appears to be the only difference between the tower & this laptop (Default is home).

Obviously I am keen to get connected to the internet to do all the updates, anti virus etc before returning it to mother (she's 80 and misses it.) Also, I have changed the public settings to broadcast etc but I don't want to give it back to her like that. (She will be using BT broadband, 1 computer only but is in sheltered housing.)

If any more info is required please let me know & thank you very much.

  KRONOS the First 16:36 04 Feb 2012

Daft question,but do you have the Lan drivers installed? Puzzled that as you say that you were not asked about network type,hence my question. As I reinstalled Windows 7 yesterday, (Mobo and SSD upgrade) and it was not until I installed the Lan drivers that I was asked about whether I wanted to join an existing network etc etc. But you should not have to enter any router settings, once that is set up anything you connect, at least by Ethernet,should just work.

Have I missed something in your post?

  jules_77 17:05 04 Feb 2012

I don't know! I'll check. I'm afraid I'm an average user & not an experienced 'innards' dabbler. Thank you for your quick response, I assume I can find this in device manager?

  jules_77 17:08 04 Feb 2012

I checked the Broadcom website previously but couldn't find the product as I think it's a generic name. (Broadcom 802.11B network adapter.)

It says it's working properly & has drivers installed though.

  jules_77 17:22 04 Feb 2012

Sorry I can't seem to edit the previous post. I have checked the dell website for drivers. There is no mention of Broadcom on there for my mim's specific machine , which is odd isn't it? Just asus and nvidea.

There is a Nvidia nforce Networking Controller in device manager, working apparently,but not sure where??

  KRONOS the First 18:01 04 Feb 2012

Is there anything in the device manager with a yellow mark,anything there that looks like its not working at all? I think it is a driver issue though.

What exactly is the Dell PC model number?

  Secret-Squirrel 18:01 04 Feb 2012

Hi Jules

The network location type shouldn't affect whether or not you can connect to wireless networks so don't worry about that for now.

What happens when you try to connect to your wireless network? When it fails then you should get a message of some sort so let us know what it says.

Windows 7's built-in wireless-connection utility is the one you should be using rather than any third-party software - see here for instructions if you're not sure what I mean.

  jules_77 18:17 04 Feb 2012

@Chronus There is just one an unknown device which I think is my hubbys logitech mouse that I snaffled to use but I will try & investigate properly. It isn't in the Network section though.

@SS I'm not using 3rd party software. I have inputted the network as per your link. Sometimes it shows at others it doesn't. When I click to connect to it, it says it's hidden (it isn't it's broadcasting it's ssid) or is out of range of the router. It's actually nearer to the router, less objects etc than this laptop which has a good signal strength.

The tower is an Inspiron 531, although built in 2008 I specced the cpu for a bit of future proofing so its 2.4ghz & 4gb ram) which isn't too bad.

I might add vista was working ok (as well as it ever did anyway) I upgraded because mum wanted 7, she has wet macular disease & find win 7 has easier tools to use to help when her eyesight is bad.

Thank you both for your help, I have been trying to sort this yesterday & 7 hours today, my brain is numb :)

  jules_77 18:22 04 Feb 2012

Tried again & now says both the above plus the settings saved on the tower might not match the settings of the router. As far as I can see they do. Except for the public thing.

I will re investigate broadcom drivers though.

  KRONOS the First 18:56 04 Feb 2012

Have you seen these? Network drivers. 8th line down 4 network drivers.

  Secret-Squirrel 19:02 04 Feb 2012

"& now says both the above plus the settings saved on the tower might not match the settings of the router."

That message indicates that the PC has connected successfully at least once. Anyhow, here's how you can remove the saved network and try again:

Go to Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center -> Manage wireless networks (top-left). There you can delete the saved network from the list.

Here's what I think may be happening: We know that the PC's adapter is fine as it worked before the re-install. We also know that your router's fine. It's possible that the Broadcom adapter has been customised in some way for Dell PCs, and so for it to work correctly, it needs Dell drivers. Unfortunately there are no 64-bit drivers available for your PC on the Dell site - not even Vista ones which may have worked. In addition, your desktop PC is not listed as a Windows 7 compatible model on Dell's website.

It would be interesting to see if the Dell has the same problem with a different router - that'll help determine whether it's a compatibility issue between the Dell and the Netgear. I doubt that's the case though.

I'm happy to persevere with you on this but if it gets too much then you may want to consider this USB wireless adapter as a workaround. It's likely to be an excellent performer too, and at that price, it won't be the end of the world if it doesn't fix things.

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