How to change Local Area Connection??

  Sabi 16:58 22 Jan 2007


The computer given to me has a different Local Area Connection in "Net work connection" as the previous owner had a different ISP than mine.

I like to know how to change that to Aol(BT Voyager 100 modem)
I am not a computer expert so “easy guide” will be most appreciated.

Many thanks


OS: Windows XP pro.

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 17:02 22 Jan 2007
  rodriguez 17:04 22 Jan 2007

The best thing to do is just right click the Local Area Connection icon and press Disable. This will put a red x through it and stop it from saying "Network cable unplugged". Then insert the CD that came with your modem, install the drivers and then plug in the modem just as you did when you first got AOL broadband.

  Diemmess 17:07 22 Jan 2007

Best guide I know for this change to Aol is Aol's own CD from their BB kit.

Assuming you have the necessary hardware from the older PC then put follow the prompts exactly from that CD. Pay particular attention to having the Voyager powered up but NOT connecting the USB lead until prompted to do so.

If you know what modem was used by the previous owner, it would be a good idea to uninstall its hardware first and reboot before installing the Voyager

  Sabi 19:20 22 Jan 2007

Thanks for all your replies :-)

Before I tried anything, I thought to ask for help from AOL! (big mistake)

I spoke to one of their Tech support who gave me some instructions to follow for the new BB driver download through my Aol CD.

With the steps given I had to uninstall and re-install Aol and BT voyager 100 few times. I don't know what happened, but I am faced with a dead PC now!!!!!!!!!!!

The download didn't get through anyway, so I turned off the pc and turned it back on again which turned to a disaster!! The lights of the motherboard comes on but it makes a horrible noise with which nothing shows on the monitor!!!
The screen is completely black!! Despite disconnecting and reconnecting it from the wall, it is still black!!!

Can you guys guess why this has happened??? And what is the way out of it???

Thanks again


  Diemmess 19:40 22 Jan 2007

Little comfort to say this is no way a software fault.
A black screen could be caused by all sorts of things - ideally - that you disturbed a card or connector while fiddling with modem connections, but..... the noise is something else!

Depending on what others say but I would open the box and check for a loose graphic card or any connector.

I presume it no longer makes a noise when you switch on?

If you find none and it still stays black, you could try disconnecting all peripherals, the HD, Floppy drive and DVD and CDR-x.
Just the power plugs, no need to undo the data cables.

Now switch on again and if the mobo and CPU are still healthy, you should see a boot-up as far as the point of loading Windows. Then it will stop and moan about no fixed disk present.

It may take some effort checking this way, but it is important to find out which bit has failed.

  rodriguez 23:51 22 Jan 2007

Diemmess's method of disconnecting everything and trying it is what I'd do. All you should have plugged in is the power supply, memory, graphics card & monitor and the front panel buttons. If all this works, reconnect each device one by one and try it until the system is rebuilt or you find the faulty part. Also if you have on-board graphics, remove the graphics card and use the on-board to test the system.

  Sabi 19:32 23 Jan 2007

Thanks for your advice and guidance Diemmess and Rodriguez :-)

I don’t think I can open the box!! I have never done that before and don’t know where to start or what the G card and the rest look like!!

I did disconnect all the main cables from the back and connected the main cable plus the monitor’s, but the noise (similar to a beginning of “internet dialling tone“) but still nothing happened!!

I guess this is it…. I have to wait till someone or a friend of a friend could come to it’s rescue :-<

Many thanks again


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