How to change email ???

  DoubleDutch 23:29 12 Feb 2003

I am receiving to much spam and despite using mailwasher it is still too much.

I want to change my email address and would like to know the best way to do it.

Win 98se, dial up, OE6 and mailwasher.
I want to stay with my current ISP so can i delete my details and enter new ones ??

Any other ideas welcome ?

  marcia 23:39 12 Feb 2003

you will still get the spam /ham and junk/ the only way is to block the server.

  fireball XL5 23:42 12 Feb 2003

i am having same problem with one account
i want to remove it altogether because i
have 4 e-mail accounts. hope you get help.

  User-312386 23:56 12 Feb 2003

if you have BB, do what i do

get a file about 20mb in size and reply to the sender with the attachment, they soon get the


  woodchip 00:01 13 Feb 2003

Yes but just think of the upload time, As I do believe that sending is no faster than Dial-up. Only download speeds are fast

  User-312386 00:06 13 Feb 2003

upload with BB is 128kb, just leave the comp for half an hour and when you come back the e-mail is sent :-)

i am tired of spam and thats the way i do it

I have been e-mailed by a spammer complaining that i keep sending him/her massive files, so i sent them an e-mail back saying that if they stop sending me spam i will stop sending them large files

Guess what, never ever got a spam mail from them again

Sorry folks is war with spammers, so fight fire with fire


  faichfolds 00:19 13 Feb 2003

What a cool idea, will start doing that myself!!

  Qmar 00:48 13 Feb 2003

(Wouldn't it be great if the whole internet community could do this to virus/trojan originators.;->)

  Andsome 08:33 13 Feb 2003

Open the e-mail, click on 'VIEW' and select show all headers. Then forward it to the ISP concerned with a complaint. I have now started to do this and so far have had a good response from several ISP's. If the ISP address is not shown, eg the e-mail just comes from 'joe bloggs', click onto 'TOOLS', and select add sender to address book. You will then get a window showing the detail of the full address of the sender, you can then cancel the action. The address for the ISP in ech case is '[email protected] domain', eg [email protected] world .com, or abuse @yahoo .com, obviously without any spaces. Then send the offending message to your blocked senders folder as an added safeguard.

  Goldcroft 08:39 13 Feb 2003

Re Double Dutches original query on deleting/creating new address:

I was surprised to learn from Tiscali a couple of days ago that you cannot delete an address. I have one set up for a particular job which is no longer needed. The only way to do so, said Tiscali, was to cancel your ISP contract and open a new one!!!

Does this apply to all ISPs because if it does there must be billions of redundant addresses out there. Another point is that Tiscali limits one to five email addresses.

  Stuartli 08:53 13 Feb 2003

This could prove troublesome.

The safest way to open e-mails is first to completely disable Preview Panel (I'm speaking of OE). If PP is open you could immediately set a virus in motion with just one left or right click.

You will then only get a list of e-mails which you have received.

If there is a doubtful one, highlight it with one click. Then right click once for the menu and click Properties.

This provides the header information through the Details tab. If you then click Message Source all the e-mail contents will be safely revealed.

If it is a porn type e-mail I then copy and paste the header and message into a new Send message panel and despatch it to (in the vast majority of cases as I have two ISPs) Tiscali at [email protected]

Before that, carefully close down the Message Panel and the Properties header information using the Cancel buttons; you can then use the large Delete button at the top of the page to get rid of the still highlighted e-mail in the main list.

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