How to change to different hard-drives?.

  spuds 13:06 20 Jan 2013

Things seem very quiet, so I thought a rather simple (for someone, not me today) question might get a good response?.

Just purchased a computer with three hard-drives installed, one I know as Vista installed, and possibly the other two as well. How do I go from and use each hard-drive. Can you interchange between hard-drives?.

Any help or advice appreciated.

  Ian in Northampton 13:21 20 Jan 2013

Can you be more explicit about what you want to do? I'm guessing that one of your hard drives has the operating system installed, and the other two are there for e.g. programs, files and so on. What makes you think Vista might be installed on all three drives? That would make no sense at all (although it's theoretically possible...)

  Chronos the 2nd 13:21 20 Jan 2013

Only one will have Vista on it as I doubt the new PC came with more than one operating system.

If you open up My computer you will see all three hard-drives and double clicking on any one will open it up. I expect two will be empty the main drive which is likely to be C will have vista your operating system on it,the other two will be empty and if you wish you can store whatever you want on them.

Right click the new then folder call it what you want and you can use it to store your photos or music,whatever you want.

You can right click on a file and or folder and pick send to and you will see the two other drives listed maybe D and E,something like that.

  tullie 14:37 20 Jan 2013

Three hard drives,or three partitions on the one drive?

  spuds 14:43 20 Jan 2013

Thanks guys for the information. As I said, I have just purchased and received the computer, and other than switching it on,to see if it was working as advertised, have not delved any further. So its really a play around in an hour or so time. Just wanted to find out, how I should proceed with having three hard-drives installed by the previous owner.

Will get back, after a few trials and no doubt errors?.

  spuds 14:46 20 Jan 2013

I have been making a few attempts at posting the above from 2.02pm, but had a site error. Now appears to have downloaded.

tullie- 3 independent hard-drives, non partitioned.

  Jollyjohn 16:41 20 Jan 2013

Go to Control Panel and look for Administrative tools, open Computer Management, look for disk management, this will give more info about the drives. Post this info and we can advise on options.

  spuds 13:16 21 Jan 2013

I have had a quick look this morning, the primary drive as Vista, the other two drives are empty.

I was considering putting Linux onto one of the empty drives, as an experiment, so leaving the primary drive intact with Vista. How would I proceed to do this?.

  Pine Man 13:46 21 Jan 2013

My advice would be, if you want to put any additional operating systems on any of the drives other than the primary one containing Vista, DISCONNECT THE VISTA DRIVE FIRST!

Saves an awful lot of tears and whatever mess you make of the empty drives you can always reconnect the Vista drive and you are up and running again.

I would avoid any dual-booting or the use of boot managers. Once you have installed Linux, for example, you can reconnect the Vista drive and then select which drive you want to boot from by pressing the F8 key when you start your computer.

  Pine Man 13:48 21 Jan 2013

Further to the above you will need to have the new o/s that you want to install on a bootable disk and set your BIOS to boot from your DVD first.

  spuds 10:19 24 Jan 2013

Thanks everyone for the information provide, it was very much appreciated.

Still having a 'play around' as limited time permits, so this might be an ongoing experiment for me.

Thanks once again, I will know tick as resolved.

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