How to change the currency on my pc

  Charlotten 22:57 19 Nov 2014

Some of the websites I visit are showing a currency other than the USDollar, I do not know how to change it. It is only happening on my pc tower. Any thoughts on how I could correct this? Thanks so much Charlotte

  wee eddie 00:19 20 Nov 2014

Surely, the currency displayed depends on where the Web Site originates.

It will display the currency they operate in.

  Batch 09:12 20 Nov 2014

I tend to agree with wee eddie, but to access the PC's currency settings, in Control Panel go to Region and Language. Then on the Formats box of the dialogue box that opens up click on Additional Settings and then the Currency tab. But you should not need to do this as the Location (see the Location tab) drives the currency symbol that Windows uses.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:52 20 Nov 2014

"It is only happening on my pc tower."

There's clearly something not right if only one PC is exhibiting that behaviour.

Have you knowingly installed a proxy server or VPN that hides your true geographic location when surfing the web? If you have then the website will think you're in a different country and may offer prices in the currency of that country.

If you haven't installed anything like that then go to Control Panel -> Internet Options -> "Connections" tab -> "LAN Settings" button. Is "Use a proxy server..." ticked? If it is then make a note of the settings then untick that box, click OK a couple of times and try those websites again. Post back with your findings and I'll give you further instructions.

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