How to centre text vertically on page

  TommyRed 12:05 13 Sep 2005

also increase the text size beyond 72. Any advice please? TIA TR

  Mikè 12:12 13 Sep 2005

Are you talking about web-pages? if so in which browser?

  Fateful Shadow 12:13 13 Sep 2005

You can just type the point size you want into the point size box. Not sure about the centering though...sorry!

Hope this helps :)

  TommyRed 12:13 13 Sep 2005

No sorry, in MS Word 2000. TR

  brambles 12:18 13 Sep 2005

Assuming you are using a version of Word

Go to File/Page setup/Layout and make selection

As regards font increase: Highlight the current size 10 12 14 or 72 whatever it is then just type say 100 and hit the enter key.
Hope this helps


  sinbad1 12:18 13 Sep 2005

look for the the tool center lef/ center/center right.Highlight all then change size.

  TommyRed 12:27 13 Sep 2005

Thanks all. TR

  fazer 12:28 13 Sep 2005

A shortcut for you all -

Highlight the text in question then press "Ctrl" and "]" key - each press of the ] key whilst holding down Ctrl will increase the size of the text; conversely, pressing the [ key will reduce the text.

Another useful shortcut is "Ctrl" and "d" - it brings up the font dialogue box.

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