How to cancel Sky Mobile Tv?

  superhoops 23:02 01 Feb 2010

I took out a 3 month free trial on my iphone (O2) for the Sky tv mobile tv app. I have found that I havent used it very much and want to cancel before the three months deadline.

Has anyone actually mamaged to do this? You can follow the "manage your account" option but that just takes you to a message that says that I have not yet made any online payments. Well I know that! I am wanting to cancel before the first payment come out.

I know I could ring Sky but last time I did that about something else I was put through to 5 different people and run up a phone bill.

Has anyone successfully unsubscribed?

  bremner 13:35 02 Feb 2010

"If you'd like to unsubscribe from Sky Mobile TV you can visit to do so."

  superhoops 21:52 02 Feb 2010

Hi bremner. Yeah have already tried that, and again just now, however you just get the following message "You do not appear to have made any online payments for this service."

  SteadyEddie21 12:27 25 Feb 2010

Hi bremner
I have contacted Sky and just managed to unsubscribe.
If you go into Your Subsciptions you will see your Mobile TV listed. To the right is 'Stop Auto-Renew', click on this so it shows 'Set Auto-Renew'. This unsubscribes you.

  superhoops 21:32 25 Feb 2010

Hi SteadyEddie21
Thanks for yr reply (it was me not Bremner that make the initial posting).
I have found "Your current sky subscriptions" but all it lists is my normal sky subscriptions - no mention of mobile tv. Perhaps somehow I am unsubscribed anyway. Cant try it as I deleted it from my iphone a while ago.

  dougaghiggins 11:18 01 Mar 2010

Hi, just done this after phoning very good sky helpline

1. Go to click here and login with your details
2. Click on 'Subscriptions' and uncheck 'autorenew' option next to Sky Mobile TV Subscription



  Dallas Fan 16:12 27 Oct 2010

I did same as you with IPhone trial but only use the app once.

Using Doug's link above and changed setting to "set autorenew". I then deleted app from IPhone, ITunes & recycle bin.

Today got an e-mail from Sky saying they were sorry to hear I'd cancelled Sky Mobile & would I do short survey (only 4 questions). I did this as backup of my cancellation request.

Hope this info helps you.

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