How can you put a pic on a message board...

  cham 11:25 21 Apr 2004

I go on a few message boards and would like to know how you can put a pic for others to see on the board?
The message board does say HTML only but others have managed to put pics on. I have tried the copy/paste route but to no avail.

  Clint2 11:32 21 Apr 2004

If your ISP allows you some free webspace, you can upload images using FTP software from your PC.

Then using the same FTP program, download your image to your forum or message board.

  Diodorus Siculus 11:33 21 Apr 2004

I think that you will need to create a link with html code pointing to the picture; one way to find out is to right click on anothers image to get the properties and then from there you can see how it was done.

  cham 11:54 21 Apr 2004

Sorry to be hopeless but can u tell me in a step by step method? As suggested i did look at some of the pics on there and they are as you said- HTTP - PROTOCOL, PSPro- TYPE....
Ihave not got any webspace given by my ISP.

  spuds 12:16 21 Apr 2004

Did a browse on google, and found these click here click here

Will they help!.Bit to complicated for me (;o)

  colberly 13:17 21 Apr 2004

You can use this site, upload your pictures there and then copy and paste the code into the relevant forums.
click here
I have used them in the past, and it is quite easy to do. I think you are allowed to upload 10 for free. Might be worth a visit.

  Agent Smith 08:42 22 Apr 2004

click here for photo hosting.

  cham 08:41 05 May 2004

Thanks for all the info...will try the suggestions and come back to report progress.

  Dumble452 09:05 05 May 2004

I've done it on one message board. The picture had to be on an internet site (in my case my personal web page) then it was just a case of copying and pasting the link in a similar way to the "click here" which appears on this board.

  golfpro 09:11 05 May 2004

If you want to post one of your own pictures/photos or anything created by yourself on a forum or message board you will need an html address for the Pic. There are many Photo hosting sites which offer this service and describe in detail how this is done, click here for instance, but you will have to subscribe for the service.

  Dumble452 09:12 05 May 2004

Sorry, didn't read the preceeding thread well enough!

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