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How can talktalk just go down?

  Graham* 23:14 21 Oct 2015

I find it hard to believe they can't fix this in seconds.

  john bunyan 10:29 23 Oct 2015

I heard Dido Harding prevaricating on the "Today" programme, When asked for a straight yes or no answer as to whether TT's sensitive data was encrypted, she refused (suspiciously) to answer. If we users are to have confidence of using the internet for banking etc, we must have more open assurances that encryption is strong.

  spuds 10:41 23 Oct 2015

There was the first part of a three part television programme on Channel 5 last Wednesday (21/10/2015) called 'Secrets of the Scammers'. Some very interesting warnings came with that programme, and if a catch-up replay is available, then that is certainly well worth watching.

Surprising what highly intelligent computer people can do nowadays, with a few tricks, or knowledge on hand!.

  Forum Editor 11:27 23 Oct 2015

john bunyan

"...should I do anything to change any passwords etc?"

Yes - do it immediately.

  john bunyan 11:33 23 Oct 2015

Forum Editor

Yes - do it immediately

Yes but which ? I use a direct debit to pay Talk Talk for broadband only, and do not use internet banking. I can change my e Mail Passwords with them, but what else?

  Ventad 13:30 23 Oct 2015


Problem is we still cannot get into TalkTalk Account area to change passwords, email is back on with a named email from TalkTalk saying what is going on.

It now seems that the Met Police Fraud Squad who are looking into it with TalkTalk have said it is now a matter of National Security

  spuds 15:26 23 Oct 2015

"email is back on with a named email from TalkTalk saying what is going on."

My TT Webmail email is still 'playing up', and so far, if TalkTalk have sent out the emails to customer's as Dido Harding stated. Then mine hasn't arrived yet. That was a few moments ago?.

I suppose if any damage as been done, then at this moment in time it's just going to be a waiting game!.

  Govan1x 17:01 23 Oct 2015

Looks like they have received a ransom demand.

Click here

  lotvic 17:44 23 Oct 2015

I've had the email from Talktalk (I don't use a talktalk email address for my Talktalk account) It doesn't say much of anything more than is mentioned in the various news articles links that have already been posted on this thread. I've quoted part of it:

What we are doing:

We are contacting all our customers straight away to let them know what has happened and we will keep you up to date as we learn more.

We have taken all necessary measures to make our website secure again following the attack.

Together with cyber crime experts and the Metropolitan Police, we’re completing a thorough investigation.

We have contacted the Information Commissioner’s Office.

We’ve contacted the major banks, and they will be monitoring for any suspicious activity on our customers’ accounts.

We are looking to organise a year’s free credit monitoring for all of our customers and will be in touch on this in due course.

  spuds 19:00 23 Oct 2015

Having read the article from the link provided by Govan1x, and especially “Unfortunately there is a chance that some of the following data has been compromised: names, addresses, date of birth, phone numbers, email addresses, TalkTalk account information, credit card details and/or bank details.” is becoming rather concerning.

Not very long ago, I had a telephone call from some who stated that they were from TalkTalk, and that person seemed to hold quite a bit of information about me and my TalkTalk account. I was expecting a call from TalkTalk, but that particular call, just didn't seem right. Alarm bells began to ring, to the amount of information this person seemed to have (I am ex-directory), and on that point, I terminated the call. I contacted TalkTalk on their special security number, but wasn't all that impressed on what they had to say. In fact I began to have the idea, that special security line was more to keep customers who were thinking of leaving TalkTalk, by providing a special promotional offer or discounts.

  Ventad 08:30 24 Oct 2015

(Saturday am) still cannot get into account area, this is part of the paragraph on the page:-

**We are working to restore My Account as quickly as possible. You don't need to change your password until My Account is restored. As soon as it is, we'll explain how to do it.


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