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How can talktalk just go down?

  Graham* 23:14 21 Oct 2015

I find it hard to believe they can't fix this in seconds.

  morddwyd 08:48 22 Oct 2015

Fix what?

  Govan1x 09:20 22 Oct 2015

Fix this maybe.

Click Here

  john bunyan 09:58 22 Oct 2015

Talk Talk webmail down this morning, still.

  Ventad 12:34 22 Oct 2015

Probably been hacked , it is just like all those names, addresses,telephone numbers and account numbers. That scammers have got hold of from talktalk and we are being phoned nearly daily with all the account particulars. I sent an email to an exec in talktalk about something, they say on the security window on the website "we will never phone you unless we tell you or let you know". Yesterday morning got a scam call which got short sharp shrift 1 hour later another phone call from an Asian lady who just got a sturn "what do you want know" only to find it was talktalk. That afternoon got another Asian scammer and I can only block 10 numbers . I cannot block all withheld numbers as I need that open.

  LastChip 13:36 22 Oct 2015

If you saw the back-end of a major mail server, you'd understand why it can't always be fixed in seconds - as frustrating as that may be. Out of all the common servers (web, email and DNS), in my view it is by far the most complex.

For a major operator to be down that long, it must be something pretty serious.

That said, in this day and age it's not really a problem. There are so many free options about, just set yourself up an alternative - like gmail or Outlook (was Hotmail) for example. Then when one goes down, use the other.

  spuds 16:08 22 Oct 2015

Personally this is getting past a joke For months now I have had problems with TalkTalk Webmail service.

Couldn't get onto their website yesterday, got in today, but found that I have webmail problems again, with keep being logged-out.

Instead of me paying them, it's getting to the stage, that I am beginning to think that they should be paying me, for the constant inconvenience that they seem to offer.

  Graham* 16:32 22 Oct 2015

talktalk now back online.

  Ventad 07:45 23 Oct 2015

Looks like I hit the nail on the head.

Still cannot get in to accounts, I see from rdave13 thread above might be open today (Friday) If bank accounts have been taken as well will it be talktalk picking up the tab?

  john bunyan 09:16 23 Oct 2015

I wold welcome the views of Forum Editor and others on what one should do if a T T customer. Fortunately I have never trusted on line banking, in spite of those who say it is safe. This T T fiasco shows how vulnerable the internet can be. I pay my T T bill by direct debit, but should I do anything to change any passwords etc?

  spuds 09:49 23 Oct 2015


"If bank accounts have been taken as well will it be talktalk picking up the tab?"

According to Dido Harding, the CEO of TalkTalk,the banks have already been alerted, regarding possible suspect transactions on people's account. How they are actually going to do this a present is unclear.

john bunyan

"I pay my T T bill by direct debit, but should I do anything to change any passwords etc?"

Apparently TalkTalk are going to be in contact very shortly with all their account holders, both by email and duplicate direct mail. This duplicate move is in respect to any webmail problems that have not been resolved. So I would suspect that in those documents there would be instructions about future security, and what TalkTalk customer's should do.

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