How Can I Use Two Monitors?

  s99Raj 16:23 21 Sep 2004

I have a laptop to which I have connected a second monitor. I have the same picture on both screens, but whit I'd like to do is to use both displays as if they were one larger monitor.

For example, I could have one window running Word on the external monitor and one window running Excel on thhe laptop display.

I've been to Control Panel / Display but there's nothing there to let me do this.

  Baledor 16:41 21 Sep 2004

to your PC? This is quite critical as to whether you can achieve what you want.

  s99Raj 16:52 21 Sep 2004

I don't have two monitors - I have the ordinary display on the laptop and an external monitor connected to the laptop via the serial connector on the back of the laptop.

  Dorsai 17:01 21 Sep 2004

If you laptop can do what you want, there should be an option in the display setting, somthing along the lines of 'expand my desktop onto second monitor'.

it would help if you could advise us of the laptop you have, and more specifically the display card it uses.

belarc advisor may help if you dont know.

click here

  bobbybowls 17:04 21 Sep 2004

don't know if it would be the same for a laptop but the setings for multiple monitors is on the advanced tab in the display settings on my pc.

  s99Raj 17:26 21 Sep 2004

I can see nothing under Display Properties that would help, even under Settings/Advanced. All I see there are tabs for General, Adapter, Monitor, Troubleshoot and Color Mangement. Under each of these tabs I see nothing which will allow a second monitor.

I have a Dell Latitude 510 with an ATI Radeon Mobility graphics display.

  s99Raj 17:41 21 Sep 2004

I've just updated the driver and got something a little different. Under Advanced i have Displays but only the options "Default Single Display" or "Switch Amogst Dsiplays". Nothing about using both at once as a single monitor.

  Stuartli 17:43 21 Sep 2004

Windows normally recognised automatically that two monitors are in use in Display Properties>Settings; this, however, IIRC would be if you are using two graphics cards.

I remember having a dual monitor configuration ability showing in the past - you had to decide which was monitor 1 and which was 2. Mind you I only had one monitor...:-)

Have you checked your graphics card's settings menu configuration to check whether it is listed there?

  s99Raj 17:55 21 Sep 2004

How exactly do I check the graphics card settings menu? I've been to all the places in the Control Panel I can think of, going to each button I can see and under each tab I can see.

  Dorsai 18:18 21 Sep 2004

I suspect that the monitor out put you are using is only there to allow you to use an external monitor, and is not intended for duel monitor support.

  s99Raj 19:18 21 Sep 2004

Done! The driver just needed an update and the computer neeeded to be restarted. Simple really!

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