How Can I Use Two Monitors?

  s99Raj 16:22 21 Sep 2004

I have a laptop to which I have connected a second monitor. I have the same picture on both screens, but whit I'd like to do is to use both displays as if they were one larger monitor.

For example, I could have one window running Word on the external monitor and one window running Excel on thhe laptop display.

I've been to Control Panel / Disply but there's nothing there to let me do this.

  dogtrack 11:59 22 Sep 2004

Well, for a start you need a graphics card that supports dual monitors. Unlikely with a laptop. Secondly, I suspect you would need a machine with Hyperthreading. Again unlikely with a laptop.
I run a four monitor setup for a Flight Simulator; but that only divides a single image across four, a mega wide screen.
A nice idea though...maybe one day

  BeForU 13:39 22 Sep 2004

HyperThreading is VERY likey with a laptop as mine has it since it uses a Pentium 4 CPU with HT.

s99Raj what model and what specifications is your laptop. dogtrack is right about how the graphics card will have to have the ability to support dual monitors. In this case it would have two monitor ports. I haven't really seen any laptops that do this so I don;t really know. I guess your probably just stuck with the basic TV-Out capability.

  s99Raj 13:43 22 Sep 2004

Actually all I did was to update the graphics driver (Radeon Mobility) on my Dell Latitude 510 and I can now use two monitors - the laptop display and an external monitor.

The only problem I have now is that I want the laptop display to be number 2 and the external monitor to be number 1. I can only get it the other way round. Perhaps a bit more fiddling with the settings.....

  Stuartli 14:13 22 Sep 2004

You have two threads running on this subject:

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