How can I use Thunderbird with gmail

  useless at IT 11:21 25 Mar 2014

I currently use virginmedia as my service provider and used Thunderbird for my e-mails. However, Virgin have recently upgraded their service and it has resulted in many of my mails, which I can see in my virginmedia mail in-box, not appearing in my Thunderbird in-box. Virgin want £60 to sort this out so I want to switch to gmail instead, but hopefully transferring my Thunderbird address book, previous in-box mails and sent box mails.

Is this all possible if not can anyone tell me how to install Thunderbird on gmail please?

Useless with IT.

  AroundAgain 11:55 25 Mar 2014

Hi I use Thunderbird and have gmail accounts. Yes, they work together without issue as far as my experiences go.

Before changing emails accounts to gmail, have you tried checking your settings for your Virgin accounts in Thunderbird? To do this, Tools, Account Options and then click on your account/s in the left hand pane, working your way down from the account name do the account settings etc.

Also, you could try deleting your Virgin account and then re-set it up after checking what settings you need. You could do a search in Google for the settings you need, so as to be sure you have the right settings in the first place.

Apologies if I'm 'teaching you to suck eggs'. I appreciate you may have already tried this

Failing all that, certainly try gmail account. Good luck. Post back with any progress or otherwise. I'm sure others, probably with far more knowledge than myself, will be posting more suggestions too.

  Forum Editor 18:52 26 Mar 2014

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  alanrwood 20:15 26 Mar 2014

I use Thunderbird and gmail so these are the settings I use

If your Gmail address is [email protected]

Then set as follows

Login [email protected]

pop3 server SSL/TLS Normal Passsword Port 995

smtp server is No security, P/W Insecure. Username as above

You can play around with the smtp security settings if you want but for me it is not really worth the effort.

  The Kestrel 22:49 26 Mar 2014

Thunderbird instructions for transferring Gmail messages.

click here

  Jollyjohn 12:40 27 Mar 2014

I think you need to double check your Thunderbird settings - specifically Junk Mail settings. Have you got Junk Mail marked as - "Do not download"?

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