how can i tell which bit is faulty?

  User-5AC27907-C53B-4F3B-AE06D6AFCC37975E 18:55 11 Mar 2004

hi there
i built my friend a new computer today but during the bios fiddling bit i noticed that the cpu temp had risen to 85 degrees in the 2 minutes that the system had been powered up. i turned everything off and checked the cpu fan. i had put it on the wrong way round (duh), so i put it back on the right way but my problem is that now the system powers up, but nothing happens. the fans all come on but the motherboard doesnt make the usual beeps to tell me what might be wrong. the screen is blank but the cd drive will open and the hard disk whirs when it powers up. can anyone suggest a way to test the processor or motherboard without taking the processor out and trying it in another computer, or trying a different processor in the new system.

  bananaslik 19:06 11 Mar 2004

have u tried re-installing the memory,it might not b in properley,also did the system work ok before u changed the fan around?

the system was working before i changed the fan around but i did not go past the bios stage. however, it kept cutting out after a minute or so and then after gradually decreasing times, i put this down to an overheat cut off on the cpu. i will try the memory now. cheers

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