How can I stop Windows XP moving files about?

  Garawa 19:35 05 Jun 2011

I have a number of MP3 tracks in the "MY MUSIC" folder and use Media Monkey to play and burn them. Every now again the tracks grey out because it cannot find them anymore but on checking the filepath it is still correct. However, on checking the folder, some tracks have mysteriously moved! It largely affects tracks that were ripped with no known database tags and thus ripped as but has happened with others as well.

This is fine as I generally rename the files and move them to the part of the folder were all the tracks are kept and this gives them a more standard filepath which MM then adds to the library. Every now again a few months after being ripped, the tracks just dissappear and go back into a folder of their own with the UNKNOWN tags back again and I have to go back through the process again. The annoying this is that may happen when nothing is being used. I may just open the music folder or download a track to it without WMP or MM being open and I only know it has happened when I try to play the song.

How can I stop the files being moved without my knowledge and how can I stop them getting renamed. They are always renamed with the current date and time so the PC isn't reverting back to the same name as before. Is this normal for the pc to move stuff about????

  woodchip 19:43 05 Jun 2011

Its not just windows, its programs you use that's moving them

  woodchip 19:44 05 Jun 2011

they probably create there own backup folder

  Garawa 19:48 05 Jun 2011

It has to be WMP then as I use that to rip. But it does that intermittently as these tracks were ripped months ago. Why move them tonight and not last week and why move them at all???

It's definitely not MM because if it moved them, it would know where it put them and so they wouldn't "grey-out".

  lotvic 19:49 05 Jun 2011

Have you got Media Monkey and/or WMP on some automatic setting that checks and sorts for artist, album, song name, tracks etc. on the internet?

That's the only reason I can think of.

  Garawa 19:58 05 Jun 2011

I don't think so. It rips using the tags requested from freedb etc and if not found gives the UNKONWN tags. Its after altering them to what they should be that it reverts to something else. Not sure why WMP would want to overwrite an updated filepath to something generic having happily used it for weeks/months without doing it.

Its very infuriating!

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