how can i stop unwanted mail

  ozzy 123 15:11 24 May 2003

hi every one. please help im at my wits end because i keep recieving emails from someone dont know and have never heard of i dont even know how they got my email adress. the title is allways the same offering me free porn and other services which i dont want to disclose. (but they nearly all involve animals and teenagers).
can any one please tell me how to stop these emails i contacted yahoo my email provider and they told me to open a message and click on the this is spam button which is a service that is supposed to block their messages coming through.
i dont want to open a message for obvious reasons i think these messages could contain a virus and i am tottaly against inernet porn of any description.
i think the sender has achieved there goal to shock and annoy because i find this sort of thing disturbing. so please please please HELP
many thanks in advance

  VoG™ 15:15 24 May 2003

Mailwasher click here

  -pops- 15:21 24 May 2003

Unfortunately this is something that is becoming more and more common on the internet.

Do as VoG™ suggests and try not to get too distraught about it. Be careful NEVER to respond to any of these mailings as that will prove you are real and you will then get a deluge of them.

Best of luck


  Gaz 25 17:00 24 May 2003

Mailwasher to delete them

And just relax...

One day they may stop.

  spider man 23:09 25 May 2003

Another suggestion from a newcomer to pc's, issue 94 june 2003 PC advisor page 106 onwards has some very interesting tips and tricks that may help you.
when i start getting spam i,ll give it a go.

  Gandalph 23:20 25 May 2003

Right click and delete without opening them. They do eventually disappear.

  Djohn 23:21 25 May 2003

If your ISP gives a facility, as you say, to click on "Report spam" then do so.

My ISP has the same facility and over a period of four weeks and constant pressing on these type of e-mails, I have managed to cut the amount from 15 to 20 per day down to 3 or 4 per week.

This is manageable and therefore does not present a problem. Please do not worry about this and certainly don't let it upset you, we all receive them, you have not been singled out.

Keep using that "Report button" and it will gradually recede to a level you can deal with. good luck. J

  billyliv 00:21 26 May 2003

Hi, The easiest thing to do is change your e. mail address with your ISP. Let your contacts know that you are changing your address. Open Outlook Express (If you use O.E.) click on the tools menu, select accounts, highlight your address and remove it. You will never be troubled again with unwanted mail. Cheers, Bill

  Andsome 09:14 26 May 2003

Go to Google and enter Spam Pal, or find it on a PCA CD from a month or two ago. It is a great program

  huzzar 10:57 26 May 2003

I had the same problem on just one of my two email addresses. I did the same as what billyliv did and now opperate on the one address. No more SPAM.

  mammak 11:16 26 May 2003

never had this problem yet!! but my 17 yr old daughter did a while back, it upset her a lot, as you are, only thing we could do was change her email, i wont say dont worry to much, as i know it would freak me out if it happend, but hang on in there, if you dont respond too them they will get bored, and hopefully back off, all the best

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