How can i stop my Dongle using/stealing Excess MegaBytes

  abs1105 18:32 15 Apr 2012

I am using a Vodaphone dongle to connect to the internet, My problem is that although i only use it to browse, ( I do not download OR Use it to view videos or listen to music etc) sometimes it will use only 3-10 M.B's over an hour or 2, but at other times when i look to see how much ive used, it can have used 30-50MB's i know that sometimes it will be my A.V. updating.... but it alone cannot be using large amount. How can i (A) find out what programmes are stealing all these secret M.B's and (B) block them so as i stop these M.B's being waisted and costing me money. Thankyou in Advance

  lotvic 19:08 15 Apr 2012

It's not just videos and music and files that you can download. Every time you browse and view a webpage it is downloading that page to your pc. Some webpages are bigger downloads than others with all the adverts etc.

I use Firefox browser with AdBlock Plus to make the pages a smaller MB and quicker download.

Which browser are you using?

  abs1105 19:20 15 Apr 2012

im using firefox WITH Adblock, the thing is i realise the ads, photos, flashvids, etc on the pages will use up a certain amount of MB's but i am usually viewing mostly the same pages, so how can it be such a large difference? also i did find what loooked like a great programme called Connection Manager/Monitor that comes with NET TOOLS, but it just crashes every time i start the thing (Ive tried running it with compatibility mode an ADMIN rights, but it still crashes) It looked like the ideal prog tho for what i needed, ;-(

  lotvic 19:51 15 Apr 2012

I use the free Broadband Usage Meter from one of it's statistics logging features is the ability to view details of each of the sites pages/visited and show how many KB were downloaded and uploaded.

  abs1105 20:07 15 Apr 2012

Thanx lotvic what im looking for tho is a programme that will not only tell me exactly which prog/App etc is using these MB's but also gives me the ability to block or disable them, which is what the NET TOOLS5 CONNECTION MANAGER/MONITOR does...... if only it didnt crash !!!!!

  lotvic 11:48 16 Apr 2012

I can only suggest you check the settings on each and every program you have installed and set them to not update automatically, which you would have to do anyway even if you got a program that identified the ones that are doing so at the moment.

  Aitchbee 13:49 16 Apr 2012

abs1105 - you might already be using 'Onspeed' so forgive me if you've got it.

If you haven't used it then it's worth a look - it costs £25 per annum.

I have used it for about eight years and it works well on my (1 Gb / month) virgin mobile dongle (as well as dial-up), the software also gives a statistical breakdown of what is being downloaded and uploaded ie..text-based, graphics or others.

  Ian in Northampton 14:47 16 Apr 2012

I'm about to buy a house where the current broadband speed is just 1 Mbit - so this is a bookmark for Onspeed... :-)

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