how can i stop my aniti virus from seemingly interfering with flash player

  norrisnovice 17:22 28 Dec 2014

i got a new laptop running windows 8.1 for xmas i installed the free avast anit virus and tried to install flash player the latest version i tried numerous times to no aveil then i uninstalled avast and if by magic adobe flashplayer installed i reinstalled avast and everything seemed fine then this afternoon i had problems watching movies amazon prime asked me to down load sliverlight has a softwear update and the same thing happened has with flash player again i uninstalled avast and flashplayer and tried to reinstall flashplayer which i did and also sliverlight which also installed at the moment i havent reinstalled avast has i fear the same might happen anyone got any ideas why this is happening

  rdave13 17:45 28 Dec 2014

I'm running Avast on a new 8.1 laptop with no problems with Silverlight or Flash. So it might have been a corrupted install of avast. Run the uninstall utility in safe mode. It will automatically reboot.

Check in file explorer if you have an Avast folder left and delete it. Under C: - program files. Reboot and try a fresh install of Avast.

uninstall utility

  norrisnovice 18:33 28 Dec 2014

thanks for your answer i reinstalled kapersky anti virus and excatly the same thing happened has it did with avast so i uninstalled kapersky and like with when i uninstalled avast everything worked fine again however i have noticed theres a program called internet security in my list of programs though i had reccived messages not long after first booting boxingday it had expired could this be perhaps causing conflict with other anti virus programes causing the problems ihave experinced

  wee eddie 20:22 28 Dec 2014

You are not alone. I need to reinstall Flash every time I reboot, the PC

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