How can I stop Memory test on boot ?

  Audio~~Chip 20:10 13 Dec 2008

Fitted a new motherboard which is a MSI P965 Neo, on slow down on boot well two things really is the memory does it memory count test as soon as you power on the machine, then it stops on the Optical drives and raid which I am not using, I am using SATA with a Single HDD.

First thing first though to stop the memory test on power on please.

  canarieslover 20:22 13 Dec 2008

Usually an option in the bios to disable memory test. Failing this, pressing escape normally will abort memory test.

  canarieslover 20:32 13 Dec 2008

Just looked at the manual for your board and I am wrong. Looks like you have an option for fast boot which does omit some checks. Make sure that that option is enabled.

  Audio~~Chip 21:01 13 Dec 2008

Thanks for calling in. I looked at that and by default the option for Fast Boot is set-to Enabled which seems to make it worst. Wonder if its a BIOS update or maybe Clr the CMOS and re-configure the BIOS ?

Can I ask if you look back at my post. Their are 4 DIMMS x2 in greed & x2 in Orange. Green DIMM slots No.1 starting nearer the CPU. I have x2 DDR II PC6400 800MHz fitted. I understand for DUAL Channel I should fit 1 in Green DIMM 1 & second fit in Orange DIMM 1 or am I wrong and this is what is causing the problem ?

Thanks again if you look back at my post.

  Technotiger 21:15 13 Dec 2008

Much better if you put a link to your post here! It would take some considerable time looking back through several pages of Posts for yours, which in any case could easily be missed.

  Audio~~Chip 22:44 13 Dec 2008

Sorry it reads a little wrong. I mean it to say, to canarieslover "if canarieslover calls back to my post"

  DieSse 23:34 13 Dec 2008

There is usually a single RAM test that you can't disable - the "Fast Boot - Enabled" normally just cuts out a much longer RAM test.

If the POST stops on the optical drive/RAID (which, exactly?) - then it's possibly there that the issue lies.

Can you try disconnecting all optical drives, and disabling RAID in the BIOS please.

  Audio~~Chip 01:17 14 Dec 2008

Yep power on, memory count on first pre-post, then next is the drives single WD Sata and x2 Lite-on DVD Wtrs (friends machine, don't ask why x2 the same.) Anyway, it pauses for a mo on the HDD and optical drive list, then goes onto boot fine.

I am however a little concerned about the temp of the WD SATA 250GB HDD, feels a little hot for my like.

This motherboard is a P965 Neo-F not the V.2 model!

Memory 1GB in Dimm 1 and 2 GB mem in Dimm 3 of the 4 dimms.

I will unplug the optical's, no raid enabled its set on IDE.

The optical drives are connected using one of them custom type rubbery round ATA100 cables with a sheath type cover over it and the wires on each end are so lose though the drives seem to work ok.

I looked for a BIOS update but MSI live update wouldn't run and manualy could only find the 1st v1.5 Bios seems to be dated june 2008 like on this M/board.

thanks DieSse

  canarieslover 11:05 14 Dec 2008

I should have thought for proper dual channel memory working that you should have the same quantity in each channel. For 3gb there should be 1.5gb in each channel. Can you borrow either a 1gb or 2gb module to try a balanced set up?

  Audio~~Chip 12:11 14 Dec 2008

I am using x2 1GB DDRII 800MHz (Crucial) 1GB in the DIMM nearest to CPU and second 1GB is in the 3rd Dimm. Also tried swap using DIMM 1 & 2 but not DIMM 3 & 4. I do not have 3GB. I also tried some Corsair DDRII 667MHz the next one down.

Have tried No Optical drives connected, No FDD connected. I don't know if its normal for it to count the memory on boot visually and delay Pre post boot, seem a pain.

The Motherboard model on the box states its is a P965 Neo-F. It is not the Rev 2. The model on the board itself states just P965 Neo and is MSI No. 7235 v1.1 and I also knowe the BIOS is Phoenix with v1.5 which is the lowest BIOS. I was confused to which newer BIOS if any there is for this Motherboard.

The CPU is a Intel D 920 3.2GHz 800MHz, L2 cache 2MB SL??

  canarieslover 12:40 14 Dec 2008

I'm afraid I misunderstood your previous post "Memory 1GB in Dimm 1 and 2 GB mem in Dimm 3 of the 4 dimms." as meanng you had 3gb total ram. i don't actually have this board but was reading a manual on-line so I am not too familiar with it. How long is it actually taking to boot from switching on? It may be that you are expecting too much. Mine takes almost 3 minutes and always has done.

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