How can I stop adverts in Win 8?

  Salamander7 20:49 12 Aug 2014

I have a new ASUS desktop computer running Windows 8.1 with which I am very pleased except that every time I go online (even for a software update) I am innundated by adverts and surveys. Please can some kind person recommend some anti advert and or anti popup software? It would be good if it was free but I would be willing to pay a reasonable fee for avert free web use.

Thanks in advance.

  john bunyan 20:55 12 Aug 2014

Answer is in PCA Mag!

Stop pop ups

  lotvic 21:33 12 Aug 2014

Which Browser do you use?

I have Firefox with free addon 'AdBlockPlus' and free subscription to 'EasyList' also in the FF options - content - have ticked 'Block popup windows'

  Salamander7 00:17 13 Aug 2014

I am using Internet Explorer.

  Salamander7 00:18 13 Aug 2014

I am using internet explorer

  BillSers 08:29 13 Aug 2014

As well as installing ABP you may have a browser hijacker.

Download and run Junkware Removal Tool click here

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