how can I split my HD to read as 2 HD's ?

  woofwoofbark 09:27 17 Jan 2006

Hi there , I would like to split my slave 40 gig HD to read as 2 seperate HD's , I know this is possible because my Master HD is another 40 gig and is split to read as C:20 gig Master and D: 20 gig Slave 1 , I have since added another slave 40 gig E: 40 gig and would like to split it to read as E: 20 gig and F: 20 gig ?

Lemme try and explain ,.... A while back I was having trouble gettin online and phoned a guy to come out and install windows onto my system ( i bought a Windows XP OEM disk from him ) before he loaded Windows he asked if I want to keep the Master HD to read as a 40 gig or split it to read as 2 20 gig HD's , 2 HD's sounds better than 1 to me lol anyway he has split and now I have the following

40 GIG that reads as :- C: Master 20 gig and D: Slave 1 20 gig

I have added a 40 gig and it reads as E: Slave 2 40 gig

is it possible to split Slave 2 40 gig to read as 2 20 gig , i.e.:- E: Slave 2 and F: Slave 3 ??

Im on WinXP home SP2 AMD Athlon 1400 , 512 memory ?

hope ive explained this ok and someone can help



  SG Atlantis® 10:08 17 Jan 2006
  Diemmess 10:26 17 Jan 2006

Do you need to partition the slave drive at all?

You seem to have your XP OS on C: and if your applications are on D: that makes sense because you can keep a system backup image relatively small,and store it on the Slave along with vital data in case the Primary HD should go pearshaped.

So if you have a slave for storage, then make new folders to contain backed up things you might need some day and make as many folders as necessary to identify what you have there, but from what you describe, I don't see a reason to partition your Slave drive at all.

  dms05 11:13 17 Jan 2006

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