How can I speed up my broardband

  kevma 15:30 06 Sep 2009

I have been trying to get more mbps from my broadband, is there anything that might help? I was wondering if I got a more powerful router?


  ened 15:53 06 Sep 2009

Most of the speed comes from the isp via the telephone line.

There are a few actions you can take in house but it is the same old story: rubbish in...rubbish out.

If you have not got a good speed to start with it is your isp you should be looking to.

What speed are you getting and what do you think you should be obtaining?

  Jak_1 15:59 06 Sep 2009

In short, no! If you are on an adsl connection then many factors come into play mainly the distance you are from the exchange not forgetting the chances of the copperwire being in a straight line from the exchange to your home is very remote! Also contention rate and whether your locale has a high usage take up come into play also. You will find that speeds vary throughout the day with the busiest period being from 1800 - 2300 when virtually every man and his dog are online.

  Technotiger 16:05 06 Sep 2009

If you are with BT, it may be possible to speed-up by using a BTiPlate, though this does not work for everybody, it certainly worked for me, more than doubled my speed!

  kevma 16:46 06 Sep 2009

My current speed is 2.2mbps although when doing a speed test it says I should be able to get 3.5mbps not a great increase I know but it all helps! I did try tiscali but it was a bit of a fob off really.

  Technotiger 16:53 06 Sep 2009

Your current speed is reasonable, I would not worry about it!

What you 'should' get is invariably never achieved.

  ened 16:55 06 Sep 2009

As Jak_1 said there is not much you can do.

If you are on the main telephone socket it will help.

There is a tweak that you can do by disconnecting a couple of wires in the box where your line comes in but I can't remember which ones. I was told that by a BT engineer so if you see one you could ask. Apparently there are a couple of wires which are redundant but are lowinng the speed.

Tiscali (IMHO) are not a reliable isp and you might get a better speed by switching. When I was with Tiscali they stated (as fact) that my line would be unstable above 2 meg. This turned out to be a lie as the day I started with aol it immediately shot up to 6/7meg.

  Technotiger 17:03 06 Sep 2009

This is the tweak ened was referring to -

All you need are wires to terminals 2 and 5 connected in your phone sockets - all the other wires are not required and could be introducing interference/noise on your line.

Removing the ring wire in all your sockets won't stop modern phones from ringing as with adsl the micro filter provides this functionality. NB. You aren't legally allowed to mess with anything on BT's side of the Master Socket. i.e. You can remove the face plate and change that wiring, but you can't change the wiring within the main Master Socket where the outside wires come in. If in doubt don't do it!

Some people have seen their connection speed improve by 2 or 3MBits/s - so it's worth looking at!

  provider 2 17:06 06 Sep 2009

Here`s DSL ZoneUK where you can run some checks and see some ISP comparisons ... menu on the left:click here

  kevma 17:54 06 Sep 2009

I have had a look at my main socket, its not quit as it showed in the link above but I only have 2 wires connected so I think it is probably running as well as it can.

  kevma 18:33 06 Sep 2009

I have been looking at the BT iplate, the only problem is it says if your main BT box has a horizontal line across and BT openreach writen at the top it will not help. Mine has the line but just BT writen on it with there man playing a flute logo, does this mean the same thing??

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