How can I set up a wireless network with AOL?

  mas61 12:53 01 Nov 2004

As a total novice in networking, I am looking for advice on setting up a network between my PC and laptop to share my AOL Broadband connection and files, printers etc. AOL's recommended routers, modems etc. are too expensive.
Would I be able to use Belkin's wireless destop network card to share the connection?click here
AOL suggests that I buy a new modem with a router built-in. Do I have to?

  easyrider 13:15 01 Nov 2004

Provided your laptop is Wi-Fi enabled it should be sufficient to set up a peer-to-peer network the only problem would be that both computers would have to be switched on.If you want the laptop to access the internet when main computer is switched off you will need a wireless modem/router,you do not need to buy one from aol Belkin,Netgear or Lynksys will do the job but try to stay with same manufacturer for router and network card as it will make setting up easier.

  mas61 12:20 02 Nov 2004

thanks easyrider

Do you, or anyone, know whether you can network AOL broadband silver service?
Which routers support Atheros 'Super G' wireless connections?
All advice appreciated

  PA28 14:08 02 Nov 2004

Have a look here click here. Here we go again!!!!!!

  easyrider 19:00 02 Nov 2004

I hope not I am just getting rid of the headaches from last time.

  fly2hi 21:07 02 Nov 2004

Just about any router should work with aol.
The good news is that when you set up the router to log in with its own screen name, you don't need the aol software loaded on your pc, you can just load any browser and surf away.

  pharte 21:56 02 Nov 2004

Listen to the man who has been there and done it ........


I am tempted to say this twice just so you listen properly.

I set up a wired network using a non reccomended router modem and it just would not work.

the receivers are the bluetooth type so you plug them into a spare usb socket and off you go.

It is as easy as you like as long as you use the reccomended equipment.

the wired system I use is just fine and you are connected without even having to sign into aol.

  pharte 22:00 02 Nov 2004

aol silver will not allow you to network you have to be on gold or better.
you can only sign in one time on each account using silver
ring aol help its free and they will tell you everything you need to know and even e-mail the info to you

  fly2hi 20:56 03 Nov 2004

Sorry..beg to differ on that one. Had no problems setting up my non-aol router. if you peruse forums specific to aol you will find that lots & lots of users are getting by with all makes of routers

  fly2hi 20:59 03 Nov 2004

Please explain how they will not allow you to network. If you're behind a router, which logs in with the same screen name each time, they don't really know what sort of setup you've got.
Or am I missing something?

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