How can i send large photo files

  KEITH 1955 11:42 08 Sep 2018

I want to send 7 photos to a company , they total 200mb which on the face of it seems a large ammount of mb for only 7. I put them in a compressed folder but my server BT , timed out before send completed , i got a message saying my isp cant handle a file that large ????

What can i use to enable me to send the photos , i dont have a problem recieving large photo files from somebody else.

  lotvic 11:50 08 Sep 2018

Last time I had to do similar I combined them all into a single pdf file (one pic per page)

  KEITH 1955 12:56 08 Sep 2018

hi lotvic , do I have to right click the photos and choose open with adobe reader.

  lotvic 16:07 08 Sep 2018

If I remember rightly, either I opened Foxit and chose 'make pdf' and then browsed to choose the pic files.. OR I used Word 2007 and inserted the pics (one per page) and then 'Save As' pdf

It's been a couple of months since I did it so not sure which method worked best for me.

I'm not on desktop pc at mo' so can't check if I made a note for myself of what I did.

  Pine Man 16:19 08 Sep 2018

If you have the facility, save them to a cloud account and give the recipient access to it to download them.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:23 09 Sep 2018

Or if you need to send a large amount of data the site We Transfer will allow you to send 2Gb free.

  Forum Editor 17:24 09 Sep 2018

Do the file sizes really need to be that big?

Unless the images are going to be used for high resolution printing you should reduce the file sizes to something more manageable.

  lotvic 12:27 10 Sep 2018

Just checked on desktop for details, I used Word 2007:

  • 4 pics x avg 4MB (total 16MB inserted into word.docx (1 pic on each A4 size page - after inserting pic hold down Ctrl and press enter to jump to new page ready for inserting next pic) resulted in .docx file size 2.76MB
  • in Word, docx file 2.76MB 'Save As' .pdf resulted in .pdf size 1.05MB that opens in Foxit

Using Word also has advantage of being able to type comments etc on same page as inserted pic

  polymath 14:57 10 Sep 2018

Have you tried forums/websites for hobby or professional photographers? (They often need to send large photo files).

This article I had bookmarked might help click here

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