How Can I send An Important Scanned Doc Via Email

  gcs_uk 09:21 06 Aug 2003

I have a document which I urgently need to email to my wife who is on holiday in America.

I use Paperport Scan manager and the document has been saved as a paperport file.

The PC my wife uses in the states does not have this software installed.

Is there anyway I can email this to her in a format which she can open.

She will be collecting her emails via her hotmail account.


  Xevious 09:39 06 Aug 2003

when you scanned the document, you should have the option of saving it as a different file format.

you need to save it as a .jpg file as this will be small enough to email, and can open on any platform

  scotty 09:40 06 Aug 2003

Do you have a graphics program on your pc? (e.g. Paint Shop Pro, Irfan View etc) These programmes will operate with your scanner. Save the file as a JPG and attach it to the e-mail.


Paperport is an OCR program (It looks at a picture and tries to identify text). The text can then be imported into a word processing program. Two possibilities are that you copy (and correct) the text from the paperport file into the e-mail, or check whether paperport gives an option to save as a JPG.

  Stuartli 10:08 06 Aug 2003

Once you have scanned the document and corrected the text (perhaps in Word), then right click on the file's listing and select Send To>Mail Recipient from the menu.

You can also do this from the top bar in Word which opens an e-mail type form.

If you choose the Send To option, the file will be attached to an e-mail Compose panel and can be sent as normal.

  jon2 14:01 06 Aug 2003

if the other end have a fax machine use faxmail to send a fax via email, I find it very usefull.

  Stuartli 15:38 06 Aug 2003

You might just as well send an e-mail...:-)

The reverse is handy though - I use Windows Messaging and fax programs (awfax.exe and wms.exe, which are on the Windows 95 and 98 CD-ROMS) to send normal faxes. A full record in the same style as OE is kept.

In reverse I use the fax to e-mail service provided by Tiscali (I use to use FaxMe but it's now defunct); Tiscali provides an 01871xxxxx number for you which is your fax number and when anyone sends you a fax it is received as an e-mail.

This is handy as I only have dialup - Tiscali takes a small percentage of the sender's phone cost as its reward.

  Tenner 16:07 06 Aug 2003

Paperport have a 'viewer' which can be downloaded for free by your wife at the other end. This might help if you wish to keep the original format and layout.

Try thge following support FAQ page :
click here

Hope it helps


  gcs_uk 18:17 06 Aug 2003

Thanks for all the assistance - she has now read the document.

This was only possible due to all your help and in particular to the individuals who emailed me personally I extend a big thank you.


  Qmar 18:46 06 Aug 2003

what scenario did you actually exactly use please?..(psycologically 'closure' is pleasing , as well helping future readers.)

  gcs_uk 17:17 10 Aug 2003

i sent the document as a jpeg file she found that to difficult to read so i used the suggestion of getting her to download the paperport viewer

  gcs_uk 17:17 10 Aug 2003

i sent the document as a jpeg file she found that to difficult to read so i used the suggestion of getting her to download the paperport viewer

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