How can I save password

  dangerusone 22:20 13 Jul 2011

I have gone over to Windows 7, I installed my Speedtouch for my internet connection, when I click on the desktop link it shows my e-mail address but my password box is blank and the connection fails, how can I save my password as I could with XP.

  dangerusone 22:27 13 Jul 2011

I must add I haven't digested everything about 7 yet, but I seem to have tried most things to rectify it and nothing works as yet.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:25 14 Jul 2011
  dangerusone 18:02 14 Jul 2011

Thanks for the link Fruitbat, I've downloaded and saved the drivers whilst I mull over to install them. The trouble was I had such a problem installing Speedtouch in the first place and now it works I'm a bit loth to alter thing by installations.

  dangerusone 19:59 14 Jul 2011

I forgot to put in my original post that after the first attempt at going on line without the password showing, I can fill in the password box, press connect and succeed in getting connected. Speedtouch modem is obviously working in Windows 7 but I must have missed something in the installation as the password box isn't filled in as it was in XP. Sorry for not giving the whole picture.

  dangerusone 21:29 19 Jul 2011

I have been trying to find the answer to this by "googling it" and one forum came up with the theory that the old USB modems are inadequate with Windows 7. I got on to Tiscali(TalkTalk) about this problem and the reply from their Technical team was that with W7 being relatively new they have not developed new drivers for it. When I threatened to ask for a MAC as the equipment they provided wasn't up to the job their "Options" dept said they would send me a router which according to all Forums and Tiscali will solve the problem of the pre filled in password. I'll post again when I receive it and install. Ps. I must have had the old Speedtouch USB modem 10 or 11 years.

  dangerusone 15:29 26 Jul 2011

I have installed the router and everything was fine from the start. I should have had one years ago. The router is left on all the time so the tablet I've just bought my wife can be used anytime and when i switch on I'm connected automatically. I'll mark this thread as settled.

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