How can I save flash files

  montyburns 13:23 28 Mar 2005

I've tried downloading various software (like "Flashsaver") which claims to do this, but they are not working?

Any good tips?


  montyburns 18:45 03 Apr 2005

Can't anyone help me on this one?

It's not vitally important I admit, but it is very frustrating!


  MIke 20:05 03 Apr 2005

If you use Internet Explorer Try Tools/Internet Options/Temp Internet Files/Settings/View files look for files with .swf extension and drag them to another directory. I've found this can work but not always. Worth a try anyway


  TomJerry 21:20 03 Apr 2005

if it does not work, try Offline Explorer click here or similar program such as web spider, web copier etc etc

  montyburns 18:42 04 Apr 2005

Nothing seems to work!

Tried "Save as" for the whole page, then getting the Flash out using FrontPage - no use

Tried Tools/Internet Options/Temp Internet Files/Settings/View - but can't find any .swf files

Tried Offline Explorer but it doesn't seem to be saving anything!

It's not a big issue, but it's driving me nuts!


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