How can I save e-mail receipts/letters to CD?

  [email protected] 21:07 14 Mar 2004

I am trying to tidy up my computer. I have a number of Pay Pal receipts in the form of e-mails which I would like to save to CD. How do I do this? I can never find a path for saved e-mails!
I am running windows 98SE and using Incredimail but can prob. find a way to get them into OE6 if I need to.
Any help would be appreciated!

  Indigo 1 22:11 14 Mar 2004

Have you tried highlighting the required text and copying to Notepad or Word ?

Open the email then Left click and drag to highlight, right click copy then paste to notepad or word.

  Damn Computers 22:57 14 Mar 2004

Hi Debe,
Highlight the emails you want to keep and holding the right mouse key down, drag em onto your desktop and after letting go select the copy option. The emails will be copied to your desktop. You can then select em all on your desk top and right click, copy, and then navigate to your CD where you can copy. They will be saved in email format rather than word or note pad format.

  Djohn 23:14 14 Mar 2004

Highlight the ones you want to save then click on "File" and choose "Save as". You can then save them in their original format (You will need OE6 to open them again) or turn them into text documents and open through notepad or Word and save that way.

Make a new folder in your "My documents" and save them there then transfer to CD when your ready. j.

  [email protected] 08:04 15 Mar 2004

Thanks- going to give this lot a try!Will be back if I get stuck!

  [email protected] 09:08 15 Mar 2004

The dragging and dropping doesn't work for me but the file save as method does!(I presume I can copy from my Brief case to CD or whatever?)
Thanks- any ideas ho wto save all my address book or shall I start a new thread?

  paddyjack 11:12 15 Mar 2004

create a folder for your address book then file/export/address book (then make your choice)I use text file myself. Then click export, then browse to the desired folder, open, give the file a name, then save, and you are just about there. To reverse the process you use import.

Hope this helps

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