how can i run 98 and me on the same comp

  carlsberg 17:01 25 Aug 2003

please help me, i have two HD 1 with 98 the other with ME is it posible to have both?

  WillyDR 17:15 25 Aug 2003

The only way this can work is when you have 2 primary partitions on HD 1: you will need partitioning software (f.i. Partition Manager from Powerquest,....). On these 2 partitions you will have one after the other both OS, i.e. Win98 and ME. You cannot boot from a second HD, installed as a slave to the first HD.
You could however "move" the ME OS after having created the 2nd primary partition on the first HD and use the second HD for logical (i.e. data, backup,...) partitions.
I think that you can also find some freeware partition managers, but you will definitely need to start reading about partitioning, booting from different OS, installing a second HD in your PC, etc.... before you engage in anything of this kind !
It is worthwile however...

Anyone another advice to help Carlsberg?

  BinaryBen 17:33 25 Aug 2003

Scrap 98 and keep to ME. ME is really Windows 98b and Windows 98 is really Windows 95c.

As you can see, it is difficult to reason on having two operating systems when they are so alike. Windows 9x series doesn't lend itself to well to having more than 1 O/S. You'll need a boot manager and I have no idea where you'll find one of those these days so your likely to need to write your own.

If you really *need* to have both then let me know and I'll dig out a script from my archives for you.

  woodchip 18:00 25 Aug 2003

Well I have seen some things in my time, you can run both by dual booting. If you have win98 on a drive remove it temp then make the other drive master just to load WinME. It would be a good idea to get Partition Magic as it as a dual boot loader on the disc put this on the first disc before you remove it. then restore the jumper on the disc that's still connected to slave and then restore you drive that you removed if it does not pick up the new OS reinstall the Bootloader

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