how can i rid of snap-do from my computer

  nonowtatall 23:33 09 Apr 2013

snap-do has embedded itself on my computer i removed the program but it is still there also ran malwarebytes to no avail has anyone any ideas to get rid of it

  rdave13 23:47 09 Apr 2013

This is a good guide to removing it from the top browsers. Don't use the green download for auto removal as it's just a link to Spy Hunter. Just follow the removal guides for the browsers you use.

  nonowtatall 11:00 12 Apr 2013

thanks i have got rid of snap-do but when i open anything from my email(outlook exppres)it opens in the Google mode like Google chrome how can i make it IE instead

  onthelimit1 15:05 12 Apr 2013

Probably need to change Default Programs (from the start menu).

  barleyview 16:03 31 May 2013

Thanks rdave13, you have solved this very annoying problem. I tried everything with no result. This worked perfectly first time ... problem solved.

  rdave13 18:45 31 May 2013

Glad you're sorted barleyview. Thanks for the feesback.

  rdave13 18:45 31 May 2013

Feedback - even!

  honda4fun 15:32 21 Jun 2013

I found Snap Do on my computer last night. I've read many "fixes" for it and they all say to start by uninstalling the program. It isn't listed in my Control Panel / Add Remove Programs.

I downloaded SypwareHunter as it seemed to imply that it would find the program. After installing, scanning, rebooting (all that was required), there's still no sign of it--instead it brings me to a page where they want $29.99 to fix it. I don't know about anyone else, but when a program says free and has you do all that work and then hit you up for $, I get angry and refuse to purchase their product. Same thing happened with SparkTrust.

Has anyone else run into this problem--it not showing up in the add/remove programs? I know it's on the computer as the homepage was hi-jacked and Spyware Hunter showed 28 threats all to do with this program.

Another question--there's hardly nothing on this computer--do you think a reformat will take care of this? At first, the hi-jacking didn't bother me, but the more I read, the more malicious I find this to be and I want to get rid of it. I've also heard some proggies U pay for don't work.

Any help would be appreciated...Sue

  lotvic 18:02 21 Jun 2013

honda4fun, rdave13 did say "Don't use the green download for auto removal as it's just a link to Spy Hunter"

Also, (polite friendly nudge) you should start your own Thread, not tag your problem onto someone else's. (hijacking their thread with your own problem)

  honda4fun 18:22 21 Jun 2013

I thought the thread was about snap do. Forgive me!

I read rdave's post after I tried Spyhunter from another link (as in before I found this one).

I was hoping this reply was actually a fix for me. :(

I will now try to repost elsewhere.

  JoeRod2000 14:47 10 Jul 2013

My problems with began when I downloaded 7-Zip from click here I suspect was installed during the installation of 7-Zip. I had removed using the Windows 7 Control Panel but was still affecting Windows Internet Explorer (IE). After starting IE, the icon displayed to the right of the “Start” icon was a search “magnifier” rather than the normal IE icon. After checking the Control Panel to see what programs installed were installed at the same time as 7-Zip, I deleted the following programs: TidyNetwork, DefineEXT and WebCake 3.0. After restarting the system, when IE starts up, the normal IE icon was displayed. (FYI 7-Zip worked as expected and still have the program installed on my computer.)

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