How can I revert to Windows 7 from Windows 8?

  JoanSims 03:34 03 Dec 2012

Hi,,, Like a lot of people I blundered blindly into the £24.99 upgrade on my PC... And like a lot of people I find it is a completely childish effort in comparison to the much more grown-up Windows 7. No wonder the chap who led the W8 team left Microsoft!.. However what's done is done and I want to go back to Windows 7 64bit SP1... I have spotted a file called WindowsOld created on the day I installed W8 which I'm told is a good thing, Plus I have my Genuine Windows 7 DVD and Key... Please could someone be kind enough to tell me how to do it step by step and at the same time put my PC back into the same state as it was before this disaster by MS... Many thanks

  mole1944 06:21 03 Dec 2012

Try restore,but if the worst comes to the worst you may have to do a fresh install of Win7 (Save your data first). I have Acronis and one a week do a clone of my drives laptop/desktop then if i do like you did i just replace my drive with the cloned one,i'm then back to normal so to speak.

  Chronos the 2nd 08:09 03 Dec 2012

The best way is just to use your Windows 7 DVD and do a complete reinstall making sure that you have copied all your personal stuff over first.

  Algerian peter ™ 09:19 03 Dec 2012

Joan Sims

It works for reverting back to severn from eight using the old folder.

  JoanSims 10:25 03 Dec 2012

All good stuff thanks... I really am going to have to get myself an external hard drive so I can do the things you recommend.. although by the look of it Algerian Peter I should be able to restore Windows 7 from the Windows.old file using my Windows 7 installation DVD.. One thing crosses my mind, Does anyone know the nt file number for Windows 8 please?.. rgds J.

  Chronos the 2nd 11:03 03 Dec 2012

anyone know the nt file number for Windows 8?

Please explain as I get nothing in Google when posting those words in the search box.

  Algerian peter ™ 19:51 03 Dec 2012

6.1 for 32 bit

6.2 for 64bit

windows 8

  Forum Editor 17:19 04 Dec 2012

"like a lot of people I find it is a completely childish effort in comparison to the much more grown-up Windows 7"

Childish things obviously appeal to me, because I think Windows 8 is an improvement on Windows 7.

Yes, it has that tiled interface, but that's designed specifically for touch screens, and it's simplicity itself to switch to the conventional desktop GUI. Otherwise, it runs far faster in all my machines,has SkyDrive integration - excellent if you're a business user, or if you move between computers. It's also the most secure version of Windows ever to be released.

As with most new software it takes a little while to feel at home with Windows 8, but now that I'm familiar with it there is no way I would contemplate going back to Windows 7.

  xtophe69 18:01 23 Feb 2013

I agree with Joan Having both bought a new Lenovo H520s PC with Windows 8 & upgraded our other Fujitsu PC with the £24 Win 8 upgrade. Previously I had 2 PC's running perfectly well on Windows 7 Home Premium, with Homegroups, networking, and wireless printing all working fine On upgrading none of the above now work and also the PC with the Win 8 upgrade loses it's WEA code every time it's restarted! All in all a disaster rather than the promised improvement! I'm now waiting to afford A new copy of Windows 7 for the Lenovo and will then revert to Windows 7 on the Fujitsu.


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