How can I retain windows settings? XP{

  montyburns 23:28 13 Jun 2003

On good old 95, if you had a folder open and then closed it, next time you opened it, you got it the same size, in the same position and with the same file view (list, details, whatever)

In XP, it just refuses to do it! Even if I go to "folder options" and click "remember each folder's view settings" it basically doesn't.

Am I missing anything obvious here?

  jazzypop 23:31 13 Jun 2003

Open a window, resize it to the dimensions you want, hold the Ctrl key down and click the X in the top right to close the window - it should now remember it's size and position.

  Gaz 25 23:32 13 Jun 2003

No, I think XP some times does that, you need to keep one window open at a time to do this I think, open One and close it after you have chosen your settings.


  Gaz 25 23:33 13 Jun 2003

What about view, like Icons, Thumbnails, List, etc....?

  Gaz 25 23:36 13 Jun 2003

I didnt mean no to you, you are very correct.

But I meant no to am I missing something.

  montyburns 23:39 13 Jun 2003

I;m afraid! Folder opens up as large icons, I choose detailed list, re-size, close and bingo.. open up again to large icons and full screen!!


  otubby1 23:45 13 Jun 2003

What you have to do is go into control panel, folder options, view, and tick 'remember each folder's view settings'.

That should do the trick.

  montyburns 23:48 13 Jun 2003

Tried that and it's still not happening. The folder that's playing up is on a USB linked Zip drive, but surely this shouldn't matter?!

  jazzypop 23:51 13 Jun 2003

If it is a removable drive, such as a Zip drive, each time it is attached / detached the folder view reverts to the 'default view' as outlined above.

You could try the option at the the bottom of this page - click here - but I doubt if it will actually work for the contents of your Zip disk.

  otubby1 23:52 13 Jun 2003

Sorry about that, I didn't read your request properly - old age and all :)

Could it be something to do with the zip drive?

  montyburns 00:02 14 Jun 2003

I have no idea! It's not a big worry, just a niggle. As I say, on W95 and old PC it used to just remember the settings. On WXP it doesn't. I have a database that I have on my office PC (95) and home PC (XP) and each time I update it on one I copy it to the Zip to copy to the other. I use two side by side panes showing details in date order. I then only copy the newest files. The reason is that the database is huge and copying the lot takes ages - just copying recently used stuff saves time. I used to use "briefcase" until it locked/deleted the lot once, so now prefer to go manual. I can bring the panes up by resizing etc but prefer to just be able to click them! The office PC uses a built in Zip so there are no connection/disconnection issues. But even on the removable one at home, I never unplug it and it always worked OK on 95... Wonderful World Of Windows I guess!!

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